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Major League Baseball and Viagra

If you’re reading this and you watch baseball on TV, then you’ve probably noticed one of the newer sponsors of Major League Baseball. Which sponsor am I referring to? It’s Viagra of course! What better sponsor for America’s favorite past time than a pill to get your dick hard so you can have sex? Now, I’m not saying that Viagra is offensive to me or that I even care that it might be offensive to someone else, but I am saying that it’s funny. To me, it’s funny that it’s the official drug of Major League Baseball. The best part is that players are endorsing it. These are guys that people look up to; guys that hit homeruns, throw 90 MPH fastballs, sacrifice their bodies for diving catches, and need a pill to fuck. There’s something almost disappointing about you’re favorite baseball player having erectile dysfunction. The most recent player to endorse Viagra as the official drug was Rafael Palmeiro. If you don’t know anything about baseball, then I’d better tell you that Rafael Palmeiro has hit over 400 homeruns. He hit 400 homeruns….. and takes Viagra. It makes me think “Shit, I’m better than him.” If I walked up to this future hall of famer and put a gun to his head and said “Hit 400 homeruns right now… or get a natural erection,” he’d pick up a Hustler, flip through the pages, then say “Get me a bat.” While I was typing this I just thought of another thing. Why would any baseball player do commercials for Viagra? I guarantee that they don’t need the money so why the fuck would they admit to millions of Americans that they’ve got a floppy dick in bed? The world may never know.