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How I Rid Myself From Fibroid Tumors

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Why Do You Suffer Needlessly From Fibroid Tumors

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How I Rid Myself From Fibroid Tumors

This is an excerpt from my book

A great deal of women suffer from Fibroid


I had a terrible time trying to go on with my life,

from day to day, with these things residing in the

walls of my Uterus. To keep down controversy please

keep in mind that I did this for me. It worked for

me, it worked for me.Remember the title of this

book.Keep that in your mind as you read, itís

contents.I am not a doctor and with the help from

The Only Wise God,I just want you, to know How I,

Rid, Myself, From, Fibroid Tumors.Donít email, me

with negative feedback, I have gone through enough

already, please. All I know is, I was bleeding to

death, and now, the bleeding has stopped. I am

alive and doing great!


Now everyone knows, that I have to dedicate

this book, to all of the females in this world, who

suffer from Fibroid Tumors.

I dedicate this book also,to all of the men, whoís

women who suffer from Fibroid Tumors.

Hopefully after reading this book, we will all have

a better understanding of Fibroid Tumors,and what

can be done about them.Hopefully one day we will

all realize that when it comes to receiving our healings

that we take yes for an answer,and receive, it.

The Realization I really have a story that I want to tell you, so please read on.Some of the things in this book might make you sick, and some of the things, that I went though might make you laugh. My intentions are not to make you sick, but I hope that it wakes you up to the realization of a great deal of truth. In my book Sho Nuff Poetry I wrote a poem titled, Body Womb to let people know that it is some relief to this sick Uterus situation. I refused to get a hysterectomy. Through my studying of what I was going through. Fibroid Tumors were the affect, and I had to find out what was causing there existence. I knew women all over the globe were getting Hysterectomies, and I wanted to remove the cause which would eliminate the affect. I believe that whatever brought on Fibroid Tumors might have been still lurking somewhere in my body probably damaging something else. If I would have had the affect removed. I would have never known the cause, and how to eliminate it, and nine times out of ten it might have continued to destroy something else. I didnít know for sure. So here is where my story began, trying to find the cause, so please, bear with me. BODY WOMB My body was hurting yes wrecked with pain. My mind was happy, but my body stayed the same. Hurting me, and making my mind feel sad. But yet still, sometimes, I felt pretty glad. My body wouldnít give me, much release. Even though my mind seemed to be at peace. Everyday Iíd beg my body to stop paining me. It would hurt sometimes, even for me to pee. My mind is still wondering whatís going on. Between my mind and body my spirit was torn. I knew in my heart that I must get better soon. I realized that all of my problems were coming from my womb. I had a good relationship with this sack, I thought. I had to learn something, that I though Iíd been taught. Appreciate this part of my body, it is my womanhood. I never meant for this part of my body to be misunderstood. Through prayers an herbal drinks It gave me relief. It was the relief that I longed for, it finally gave me peace. But my womb is all-better now, and my healing I can share. My mind was in a perfect turmoil of doubt and fear. My body is all better now and for my womb I now care. BODY WOMB Keeping My Uterus Before I continue I just want to say that, some women do not have a problem with having their Uterus removed, without a doubt. But I had a serious problem with it! I wanted to keep mines, and I did all that I could do, to keep it. Even though I am not a doctor, the advice that was given to me time and time again, I could not take. You Need A Hysterectomy, without A Doubt! Warning: The Author Now before you start reading this, book. Go get you something to eat. Once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down. I donít want you to be hungry, while reading this book. Fix you a jelly and peanut butter sandwich with a large glass of cold milk, before you start. Go ahead, Iíll wait. Times Up! The Author Chapter 1 The Beginning In 1987 I was diagnosed with Fibroid Tumors. It was a routine check up, no big deal. The ole doctor told me that I had, what was called Fibroid Tumors and not to worry. My Uterus was the size of a lemon and if it doesnít bother you, donít you bother it. Hey! That sounded good to my ears, so I went on with my life. My baby girl was about twelve years old and I was against having any more children. I was truly trying to make a living and take care of my family. My life went on and I decided to get my tubes tied. I had truly made up in my mind that I was not going to have any more children. I had gotten so darn tired of looking for my period every month. I had it so bad this looking for my period thing. Until if my period didnít come on in the morning on the date of my period I would panic. I had a problem with worrying about my period all the time and I couldnít wait until the afternoon for my period to come on. If it came on later on in the day, up until that time I just knew that I was pregnant. I wanted it on when I woke up the first thing in the morning. Even though I used birth control I was still scared to death, if my period was two hours late, worry kicked in. Every time I ever missed a day of my period, I was pregnant.