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Brief biography

Biography written by Jeremy Falcone of AbsoluteNow.

Estella Warren is heading down the path that Cameron Diaz cashed in on the way to fame. From a hot modeling career, but relativey anonymity, to superstardom via the big screen.

Estella was born and raised in Canada. In high school, she entered a fashion show and a photo of the event was sent to an agent in New York. The agent loved what he saw and gave Estella a call. A few months passed, and suddenly Estella was appearing on the covers of magazines like Italian Vogue and Ellen Von Unwerth.

After the shoots, Estella decided to move to New York permanently, to pursue her career fulltime. She became a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and landed a number of other modeling gigs. But during one of her commercials, she decided that she might want to try her hand at acting.

She grabbed a number of high profile roles (in Stallone's Driven and the remake of the classic Planet of the Apes) so it looks like her career in acting is definitely ont its way.

Also Estella is a very talented synchronized swimmer. In her earlier teen years she won many awards for her talent as a synchronized swimmer for the Canadian synchronized swimming team.