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"Dealing With Your Emotions"

Hello, my name is Susan. This website is about how we can deal with our emotions in everyday life. These pages deal with many of the common feelings we have. Like it or not, they are part of us, they are what make us human. If you have probloms with them, we can all work together, to find solutions. You may be able to help somebody who is going through the same things you are, or somebody could help you. These are the pages that represent different emotions.

The Emotion Pages

"Help With Anger": There is a difference between anger and violence. Anger is an emotion and violence is one of the behaviors that can express that emotion. Many people do not know when they are angry until they reach the explosion point. Learning to identify your own anger cues will help you control your violence.

"Grief": Buried grief poisons, limiting your capacity for joy in life. An essential part of healing from traumatic experiences is to express and share your feelings.

"Fear": It helps to name your fears. Naming these fearful things gives them less of a hold. One person, who suffered from continual depression and immobility, made a list of what they would have to face in life to actually heal.

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