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Elite Kennels

Welcome to Elite Kennels!

Hettick, Illinois

We are a new Kennel located in south central Illinois (Macoupin County). Approximately fifty miles south of Springfield, Illinois and fifty miles north-east of St. Louis, Missouri. However the bloodline we are breeding span a legacy from 30 to 130 years. Our American Pit Bulls are AKC & UKC Registered.

We are taking Ginny York and Ellen Orbans dogs and producing Elite Pit Bulls. The York bloodline goes back over twenty-five years. The Orbin bloodline started out of the York bloodline over thirty years ago. Our dogs have Grand Champion and Champion ancestors.



DAM ROXY (above)

Here are pics of what remains from our latest litter of these two GREAT dogs:

Why buy just any puppy when you can share your life with the best?

The results of our careful breeding is a lifetime companion with a great bloodline and personality.

ZEUS (Standing for Stud)

We will always be a small breeder, reflecting the pride that comes with quality rather than quantity!


(618) 778-4636 or (217) 556-5726

We would be happy to fax any additional information on request.

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