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[Place of Roleplay] America West Arena - Parking Lot [Date of Roleplay] 7.10.03[Roleplay Number] Two
[Current Record] 01-00-00 [Achievements] None [Next Match] vs Dillon Dorian

"My Stock Is On The Rise"

Noah Davis vs. Dillon Dorian
(#1 United States Contender Match)

|| Scene || The scene opens up to the America West Arena,  the parking lot structure to be specific.  As the cameras watch the entrance, a brand new Cadillac Escalade EXT (black) comes screeching into the structure and goes down into the underground parking lot and slams on the brakes into a parking space.  The car doors swing open and two bodies walk out in all black and lean up against the tail of the truck.  The two start talking and the 3WA cameras and microphones are able to catch everything...

|| Candice Rayne || Look Noah, I don't care if it's against Dillon Dorian again, you have to win this match!  It will make you the number one contender for the United States title...isn't that what you want?

|| Noah Davis || Yeah that's what I want, but what am I supposed to do when I become the number one contender?

|| Candice Rayne || Get your match to become the United States champion?

|| Noah Davis || And after that?

|| Candice Rayne || Become the United States champion. And after that?

|| Noah Davis || Waste my talent in a division doesn't mean shit to the World Title.

|| Candice Rayne || I'll tell you what, if you become the United States champion, I'll do whatever it takes to get you to be in contention for the World Title.  And if that means blackmailing the hell out of Mike Flash, then I'll do it.  I'd do anything for you baby...ANYTHING.

|| Scene || Davis gets this sick grin on his face...the cameras cut to a commercial. 


|| Scene || The scene opens up to the kitchen of the 3WA backstage area.  The sounds of Candice moaning and screaming with ferocity...and the cameras pan to her: she is trying to open up a jar of pickles.  

|| Noah Davis || Hey want me to take care of that for ya?

|| Scene || Candice hands him the jar of pickles, he pops it open without a struggle.

|| Noah Davis || Easy as pie.  What was so hard about that?

|| Candice Rayne || I softened it up for you. *Cough*ASSHOLE*Cough*.

|| Scene || Candice starts making Noah a sandwich as Noah notices the cameras and then he gets the guys attention by throwing a pickle at him.

|| Noah Davis || Do you think you can just ignore the next number one contender for the United States title? Shake your head no, now. (Dude shakes his head no)  That's what I thought.  Now looky here, for anyone that doesn't believe me that it wasn't a fluke that I whooped Dorian's and Wylde's ass last week, they better listen up real closely.  When I dominate Dorian this week, there will be no question about who I am.  I didn't throw Dorian off the titantron just to finish him, I threw him off the titantron to be somebody.  If I didn't throw him off the titantron, would I be getting half the fan base I have right now?  Fuck No.  So you tell me man...was it a smart idea throwing Dorian off the titantron?  Hell yeah it was.  Look all the letters I've been getting from people. *The cameras pan over to a pile of like 3 letters* Granted, 2 of them are bills from my utilities but one actually is a letter from a fan.  Should I read it? Nah.  I'll let your imagination take care of that letter.  Back to the topic I have at hand here...Dillon Dorian - a shit-talkin', piece of trash.   So here how things are going to go down Dillon, we are going to do things my way or the highway.  Sorry guys, I apologize for the sorry cliché.  But Dorian, you're in for a fight.  I'll walk over your dead carcass to become to the Number One Contender.  The end is near for you, and the path has been set out for me...

To Dominate

To Terminate

To Eliminate

Get this camera outta here...

|| Scene || The camera man leaves quickly...