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The Story

Have a seat, have a beer, kick up your heals. This is one long story.

First, allow me to say that Saturday, June 12th was a day that I will never forget.

It all started one day during one of my every day chattings with Kane. Out of nowhere he says, "You should come here to visit the set of Devil's Rejects." I informed him that I seriously doubt I would be able to go and the subject was dropped until I found out from my friend Mileni he had invited her as well. So the day after he invited me I asked my dad about it and told Kane that night that my dad would let me go. I think we both had the same look of surprise on our faces that my dad would actually let me go.

Eventually it was all planned out and two and a half weeks later I was on the road, ready for the six hour drive to Orange to spend the night at Mileni's house. The entire drive over there my dad had to put up with me bouncing around the car pointing at everything, "What's that?" "Oooh!!! Look at THAT!" "Hey! Trees! I wish we had those in Vegas. Vegas sucks." I think six hours of that would drive anyone crazy. But fortunately, my wonderful father is already crazy and probably enjoyed my curiosity and excitement.

Now, I had never seen House of 1000 Corpses so Mileni rented it and we watched it the night before we went to the set. In the middle of the movie the phone rings. "It's Kane," Mileni said as her husband, Alec, answered the phone. I couldn't help but to laugh when I found out it actually WAS Kane who called.

Right before she hung up I reached out my arms and grabbed at the air making, "Ooh ooh ooh" noises, telling her I wanted to talk to him. But she ignored my childish requests and hung up, telling me she didn't want to bother him. But she did tell me that he told her to tell me that he said hi. Anyway, we went back to our movie and ate chocolate and popcorn and drunk soda and coffee.

After the movie, Mileni showed me a bunch of pictures and autographs she has. And showed me a real machete she had planned on bringing to set to have Kane sign, "Are you nuts? You'll get arrested." We both had a good laugh about it. After she showed me her autographs and stuff I took a shower and we all finally went to bed at 1AM.

We all woke up around 7 or 8 and were out the door by 8:30-8:45. And go figure, Alec didn't inform me that it was at a ranch until it was too late so I was running around in sandals. On the car ride to the set I was amazed at how different Orange was from Vegas. Thinner lanes, different colored street signs... TREES!

Right when we hit the street we are supposed to turn on to get to the set Alec says we should stop for breakfast. (NOOO!) I was the only one who didn't want to go eat. So 3 to 1. We went to breakfast at a Denny's a few miles down the road.

After breakfast we turned around and went back to the road we were on, this time turning down the street I had begged them to before we went to breakfast. A few miles down the road and Mileni takes out her camera, "This is June 12th, 2004 and we are heading for the movie set. And Heather's panicking in the car." (Video can be seen here )

We saw a sign that said "Rejects" and had an arrow pointing in the direction we were going. Alec teased Mileni, telling her the sign was for her. Well, we drive up and see a guard. Alec stops the car, "Yeah, we're guests of Kane Hodder." I couldn't help but to chuckle. Guests of Kane Hodder. He let us through and we drove for a little bit until the set came into view.

Mileni and I jumped for joy. I was actually surprised. I thought the set would be indoors. Cop cars and cameras and all kinds of literal JUNK was spread everywhere. Alec parked the car somewhere by the dressing rooms and we hopped out of the car and asked a lady if she knew where Kane was. It took a second for her to find out and she pointed down a very small dirt road. About 300 yards down the road was the house we saw when we drove up, a small grave yard right before the house and some stables with a single brown bull in it.

We stopped about 60 feet away from the house, "Do you see Kane?" I asked. My eyes glanced around the set until finally I see Kane walking up to us. "I found him."

"Where?" Mileni asked.

I was speechless. I turned my head to Mileni and said, "Over there." without even pointing or looking in the direction. After a second I finally turn as he is just reaching us and I put my hand out to shake his, "Hi." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, giving me hug. He then hugged Mileni and shook my dad and Alec's hands. "Well you guys are just in time," he began. He told us that two of his guys were about to shoot a scene.

Then we had to go to the other side of the house because where we were standing we would have been in the shot. So Kane stuffed us in a corner and left for a few minutes, coming back for a few minutes then leaving again. During the hour or two we were in the corner, Alec pulled out the camera and asked me what my impressions were so far. (Again, video can be seen here

We stood next to the chimney in the shade as the actors and crew did their work in the morning sun. I stood, watching from behind my dad, Alec and Mileni. I've always been the one to stand in the background as the action went on in front.

Crew kept walking by, doing what they normally do and I would try to make as much small talk with them as I could, finding out all I could about movie sets. I met one crew member, forget his name. He was from NZ or something like that. I couldn't pin point his accent. But I found out a lot about sets from him. A funny guy too.

He couldn't chat long, had to get back to work. So I continued soaking up this once in a lifetime experience and let my eyes swarm all around set from where I was standing. Camera men set up their cameras, other crew did what they do, Rob Zombie talked to the actors and crew... Kane talked to the actors, telling them what to do, how to do it per say, then stood back on the porch as they rehearsed or shot an actual scene, or he would come back to us.

Alec and my dad would constantly ask Kane about work and Jason. When they talked about it I took a few steps away from them all and kept looking at the set. By where we were standing, under us, beside us... there was junk. Literal JUNK. Old news papers, coupons, tin cans. Mileni kept wondering if it were there when they got there or film or if they went out, got it and brought it back. I kept insisting it was brought there on purpose. Which we later found out it was.

But I had a real problem with standing where we were.... A bee. Yes... a BEE. I first saw it when Kane stuck us in that little corner. It was sitting on a flower, doing what bees do and I flipped out whenever I saw it, hiding behind my dad or Mileni, proclaiming that it would 'eat me alive'. Kane, my dad and Alec kept teasing me about being afraid of a bee. "You're sitting here with tons of horror icons, and you're afraid of a little bee?" I forgot to laugh.

At one point Kane returned to us and Alec pulled out his camera again, asking Kane to take a picture with Mileni and I. He took the picture, then Kane remembered he had his sunglasses on and took them off with an arm still around me. Pleasant memory.

At 12:30 Kane came back again and said it was time for lunch so we all walked back up by the trailers and dressing rooms. I told Kane I wasn't going to eat and he kept asking why. "Not hungry," my lame excuse. Alec and my dad STILL kept bringing up work and Jason. Which I didn't care for. I would constantly try to change the subject. Kane even noticed it too.

After lunch Kane informed us that the guy who plays Dr. Satan (Walter Phelan) was just around the corner and asked if we'd like to meet him. How could I NOT want to meet this man? In full costume nonetheless.

We walked around a trailer and yet again, Alec pulled out his camera and started recording. (Once more, video can be seen here at ) I walked up to him and the first word out of my mouth was, "Wow" after saying hello, of course. We stayed and chatted with him for about twenty minutes.

I discovered it took 3 or 4 hours to get his make up on. His mouth was entirely covered except for a small hole in front of his mouth so he could smoke or drink (From a straw, of course) All in all, he's a really nice guy, funny as hell. His make up was spectacular! A word I rarely use, but necessary in his case. His entire torso, except for his back, was all air-brushed. The prosthetics on his face went on in five pieces, I believe. Some hair was glued on, some threaded in. The make up artists really are ARTISTS. I was amazed.

After Walter had to get back to work or something, for whatever reason we had to part, we saw the one and only, Tyler Mane. We walked up to him and I nearly broke my neck from looking up the towering 6'10'' that was Tyler Mane. A gentle giant I must say. Surprisingly he gently shook my hand and introduced himself with a charming smile crossing his lips.

Hearing someone describe his massive figure, scruffy beard, deep set eyes and shoulder length, light brown hair would send chills down anyone's spine. But when you see him in person, he has a very charming personality, smile and is an all around nice guy. His features are more charming than scary. Though his towering presence would seem frightening, it isn't. It's very comforting.

He couldn't stay long, he had to get to work, but the five-ten minutes we spent with him really left a dent on that first-impression scale. A great guy. After he left, Kane told me that even HE feels small next to Tyler. "Oh poor Kane. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I feel tiny next to you." I smiled as I told him that.

After walking the two hundred or so yards back to the house we had to stand in the sun this time, in front of the house as the action went on. My dad and Kane walked off, talking about something, I had no idea what it was they were talking about and still don't. As they talked, Alec took pictures of Mileni and I in front of the house.

More junk, old couches, broken television sets, obviously from the time period the movie takes place in. Rugs, more news papers, broken down cars, hot water heaters, pieces of broken boards, blankets, an old dusty mattress, bricks and such other junk just laid around, exactly where it was supposed to be. Trees surrounded the entire premises, just abosulutely beautiful. This beautiful landscape is something we never see in Las Vegas.

Kane and my father returned to us and we continued chatting. After a minute, "Heather, come here a minute," Kane pulled me off to the side. We faced the house and he told me that in a minute he'd be shooting a scene from the rafters on the second floor of the house. He told me that he was just going to do that real quick then would come back to us.

So we stayed in front of the house watching them shoot a scene for several minutes until Kane came back to us and asked if we'd like to meet Rob Zombie. There was no hesitation. Of course we'd want to meet him. So we walked up to the house, on the porch and Kane introduced us then asked Rob if Mileni and I could get a picture with him.

He agreed so I stood on his right side and Mileni on his left. With an arm around each of us, Alec took the picture. After Rob left, Kane told us that we were extremely lucky he did that and we got that picture, that not even HE had a picture of him with Rob. So I felt remarkably fortunate.

After that, we walked through the house. The floor creaked below my feet as I walked into the house which didn't even look like a set. But definitely from a movie, and the whole thing had a creepy touch to it. Kind of reminded me of my Uncle's old house back in West Virginia. Old dusty furniture, kind of dark even though it was the middle of the afternoon.

Looking up, I saw the roof. No second floor. It didn't ruin the atmosphere. Just gave it that little extra bit of 'creepy' it was never missing. In the middle of the woods, on a ranch in this creepy house in the middle of the night could send chills down anyone's spine.

We all walked into a back room, completely empty. Talked for a minute until a crew member came in a told us it was about to get very loud inside the house and that we may want to leave. So we did and stood under a bunch of trees with extras and one or two crew members. My dad and Alec talked with an actor who will be playing a cop, don't remember what Mileni was doing, probably the same as me; watching the crew do their work.

As I waited for Kane to return to us, Alec continued taking pictures of the set, Mileni and myself. I saw Tyler Mane in his costume and the poor baby looked like he was baking in that big, heavy thing he was wearing. No spoilers, but his costume and make up looks amazing! Kane finally returned to us and I asked if he could show me where the bathroom is. He said, "Sure." so I asked him to help me up and him and I walked up the dirt road to the bathrooms.

"Wait with me, I'm going to have a cigarette," My dad said as I was on my way back to the set. Kane emerged from his dressing room "Can you go and get Mileni? I have the stuff for the website," Kane asked. I agreed and walked back down to the set to fetch Mileni.

"Kane wants you."

"Why me?"

"He has the uh stuff for the site." She stood up and we walked back up to the trailers with me. When we got up there Kane said he would be right back, that he needed to get the stuff out of his dressing room. While he was getting the things I saw Bill Moseley (Otis) and told Mileni to go take a picture with him. Declaring she was too shy I told her that if she didn't go and ask for a picture that he may walk off and she'll never get to meet him.

That convinced her. She walked up to him and asked for a picture. As she was taking the picture with him I walked up and asked for one too. He agreed and wrapped his hands around my neck. As Alec took the picture I couldn't help but to laugh. As he was choking me I looked past Alec and saw Kane walking up to us, smiling, with the briefcase he showed me while I was in his dressing room.

I was very fortunate for the picture. And thankful. I've never been choked before. I can honestly say that Bill Moseley was my first. Yippie! Plus, let's just face it, it was FUN to be choked by him (Hehe). I thanked him for the picture and returned to the others.

Kane placed his case on the hood of one of the cop cars for the movie where we took our picture with Walter Phelan (Dr. Satan) and where my dad and Walter kept smoking their cigarettes. He opened the case and started showing things to Mileni and I.

A trading card type thing with an actual piece of the straight jacket he wore in Jason X in it. I looked at it, "157 out of 250" On the back it was signed by Kane. "Cool." And I began to hand it back, "Keep it," he said as he gestured for Mileni and I to both keep the ones we were looking at. Then he showed us T-Shirts that a fan made. "You guys can have one of those too." And he handed Mileni and I each one of the shirts.

After that he showed Mileni a Jason hockey Jersey and her and Alec left to take pictures of it for the website. After they returned, Kane took out some pictures and questioned if he should sign them to be shown on the site or not. "I think you should sign them, let fans get an idea of what they are getting. On Robert Englunds site all the autographs he sells show his signature on the site." I convinced him.

He got a marker out and started signing them, "You know I could recognize your signature anywhere." "Yeah?" "Yup." "So you can tell how many of those autographs on Ebay are fakes. 'Signed by Kane Hodder, Certificate of authenticity included'." I nodded, "Yeah, it's pathetic."

Mileni went to her car and brought her machete for Kane to sign. "To Mileni, I know where you live" I got a good laugh out of that one, almost thanked God he didn't know where I live. Anybody who signs a real machete saying they know where you live, probably does.

They took a few pictures with the machete then they somehow got into talking about having the jersey actually being on somebody for the website. A model so to speak. "You can't put it on me. That thing is bigger than I am. It'd fall right off." So they stuck it on Mileni and once more her and Alec went off to take pictures of it.

After returning once more, Mileni wanted a picture of her in the cop car. So she hoped right in the front seat. "Heather, get in the picture," Alec commanded. "Only if Kane is in the picture too." I couldn't resist. Kane stood next to me and put an arm around me then looked at my dad, "Is this alright, Dad?"

"Ah, I'll think about it," my dad said jokingly. I laughed as I leaned against him and Mileni stuck her head out the window. A few minutes later and Kane had to go back down to the set. As I sat on the hood of the car, my eyes turned to my left and saw Tyler again. Third time's a charm.

Mileni and I walked up to him and said hi again and asked if we could get a picture with him. "Of course you can." Like with Rob, Mileni stood on one side and myself on the other. And OH MY GOD I felt even smaller huddled up against him. He had an arm around my back and the other around Mileni's shoulder. We thanked him for the picture and left him alone.

We went back to the set and resumed our spots under the trees. Alec got to meet and take pictures with Leslie Easterbrook (Mama), Bill Moseley (Otis) and Sheri Moon (Baby) who we later found out from Kane, is Rob Zombie's wife. Eek!

We weren't on set much longer. Another forty-five minutes maybe, give or take a few minutes. When Kane returned to us again I was sat under a tree with an annoyed look on my face looking at nothing. "Are you ok, Heather?" I looked up at him, "I'm fine." "You sure?" I smiled and nodded. I lied like a dog. I knew my time on set was coming to an end. It upset me that this perfect day was going to end.

I forced a smile knowing my time with Kane was coming to an end as the setting sun beat in my eyes and tried to phase out the annoyance of having to leave soon. But then I realized, "Hey, I just spent the entire day with Kane Hodder," and my smile returned.

But faded again when Kane returned to us once more and said he was done for the day. But my smile quickly came back when we all decided to go to dinner together. Before we left I asked Kane if I could ride with him, "I was just about to ask if you'd want to go with me."

As Kane went to go clock out I asked my dad if I could ride with Kane. "Hell no." "Well, Mileni wants to go with him too. Would that be ok?" "I suppose." Unfortunately my bad luck didn't let me down. Kane had pads in his back seat and could only take one person with him. I asked my dad if I could ride alone with him. "Hell no." So I walked back up to Kanes car. "My dad is being paranoid again. I can't go with you." "Aw, that sucks." "I agree. Guess I'll see you at the resturant."

I walked back to the car and climbed in, flopping in my seat with an obvious angered look on my face. I was especially mad because of the lame excuses my dad was giving me as to why I couldn't ride with him. As we drove to the resturant, I couldn't help but wonder what Kane and I would have been talking about if I got to ride with him. It really broke my heart that my dad wouldn't let me ride with him. I would have killed for some one-on-one time with him without the others talking up a storm. *sigh* Curse my bad luck!

I mean, why is he so paranoid? What's the worst freaking thing that could happen riding in a freaking car?

"I really wish you wouldn't pay for dinner, Kane," I said as we waited for our orders. I was hesitant when it came to ordering my dinner. I HATE spending other peoples money. Makes me feel greedy. "It was my choice. Not yours though," he told me after I had gotten home and brought it up on one of our daily conversations.

At dinner my dad and Alec were bringing up Jason. My lack of interest in the subject was more than obvious as my tone went emotionless and boring. Then it just went nervous when they brought up Freddy Vs. Jason. I QUICKLY changed the subject to something that didn't involve Freddy Vs Jason. And I kept it that way for the rest of the night.

We talked about music, his kids, traveling, life, stuff like that. Kane and I talked a lot at dinner. I guess sitting right next to him has that advantage.

"My dad won't let me listen to my favorite music, though," I said to Kane as we chatted.

"And what music is that?" he asked.

"Insane Clown Posse." He was pretty surprised my dad wouldn't let me listen to it.

Dinner ended as soon as it started. Before I knew it I was walking out of the resturant by Kane's side, down the street and back to the cars. Before I knew it, he had his arms around Mileni once more and was saying goodbye. "Thanks for everything Kane, I had an absolutely amazing time," and I wrapped my arms around him. Ok. I admit, I did it on porpose. I made the hug last because I knew I wouldn't be seeing him for another month. I love spending time with him. He's a great friend.

I opened my door, stood by it and watched but couldn't hear as my dad obviously said bye to Kane. I waved goodbye as I got in the car and shut the door. We followed Kane on the freeway until we hit a certian exit so we could get to The walk of stars.

Well, that's what happened. From 10:30AM to 9:30 PM. Now you see why Saturday, June 12th is a day that I will never forget?

Told you it was a long story, didn't I? Be sure to check out the picture section to find out who finally got to get their hands on me and the videos section for all the goodies you've been waiting for (Bad mouthing men two and a half times my size).


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