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About Me

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Personal life



    I currently live with my mom right now my parents split when I was in 6th grade.  My mom has a house in Steeplechase but we are moving this summer to a villa off Ivy Hills Country Club.  Not that it really matters to me because ill be leaving shortly after anyways.  My dad has a house down in Hyde Park.  I go there every once  in a while to eat dinner and pick up his dog to take care of him when he goes out of town.  The dogs name is Rugato, but we call him Riggy.  I also have 2 cats at my moms house mine is named Buckwheat after the lil rascal and my sisters is named Zoey.  My sister is currently working for the Teach for America program and is teaching at a inner city school in phoenix for the next two years.





1 Web Page Design Robinson
2 Pre Calc Imhoff
3 British Literature Ballinger
4 Economics Wolfe
5 Basketball 2 Adams
6 Field Biology Hochstrasser


:Personal Life:

    My personal life is one of an average teenager. Most of my free time is spent with my boys.  There is a variety of things we do like play basketball, side yard baseball, on occasion a lil frisbee, go to movies, or just hang out.  I also spend a lot of time with my girl.  Her name is Jen and she goes to Mount Notre Dame.


    Next Year I will be attending Arizona State University.  I decided to go there because at the moment my sister is living in Phoenix.  We have always been close and since she went to Colby College, which she graduated from last year, I haven't been able to see her that much the past few years.  It was her idea for me to apply there.  So I ended up applying and getting in, and after I went on a tour my decision was made I fell in love with it.  Below is the layout for my room next year.


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