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Dave's Webpage

OK well here is my second webpage and it is supposed to be about me. Well everything about me won't really fill a whole web page so here goes nothing. I am a freshman at Foley and have been on the Varsity Bowling and Golf teams. I will be getting a Ford Taurus as soon as I can drive. Right now its my sisters but it wont be as soon as I tell my parents how she drives. I got a younger sister too and she annoys me and makes me go crazy. I have to take chemistry and Earth Science next year for some reason. Anyway thats about it. If I think of anything else then I will add it later. I did this subject becuase i was bored. The reason of my second page was because Mr. Belf told me to. I layed my page out this way because I wanted to do it quickly and I don't like my page. I didn't have any trouble on it and i don't want to change anything.