Grateful Dead Icons!!
A good sized set of desk top icons with some cool ones I never seen before.
Dead Bear Anamated Curser
Don't get too excited, it's one yellow animated curser of a dancing bear.
SYF Screen Saver
This screen saver is a SYF symbol the bounces around your screen and has a couple of user options.
The Dancing Bear Screen Saver
This saver is share wear and is a bear that dances around your screen.
A worthless little program that puts a box of danceing bears on your desktop.
Dead Songs
A package of guitar tabs for the music makers.
Wall Bear
Desktop wall paper of bears in balls, very cool.

Abstract Design
A program that makes mathamatical pattern swith lines.
Acid Warp
A awsome program the creates images in many bright colors and patterns, though you can't easly configure it.
Acid Pinwheel
This program creates a swrling image the if you stare at it and look away, every thing moves. It really works!
The Psychdelic Screen Saver
One of the best programs I think. It is a screen saver the have 1000's of options and choices to create a infinitive number of warped images.
There is a real science to this. This program creates pulses of light in different rates and colors and you become, well, I can't really decribe it, so try it.
A real acid emulator. Creates tracers and colorful twists of normal patterns.
Mars Flyer
A very small program that allows you to travel across a red, computer generated mars like surface.
Startup Screens for win. 95 or 98
A Set Of Pulsing Animated Start Up Screens For Win 95,98
Win. 98 Start Up Screen
A Trippy Win 98' Animated Start Up Screen
Joint Cursor
A Cursor That Appears To Be A "Joint"
This program is not a screen saver and creates lava like patters with a number of options and colors to use.

Wall Font
The font from Pink Floyd's The Wall for your computer.
Cord Calc.
A simple shareware program the helps people learn cords for their guitar.
A Screen Saver Randomizer
Randomizes your screen savers so every time your computer sits, you get a new screensaver.

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