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Hair products policy

The policies I have for working this shop out are simple to follow and common sense-based. Communication is a great way to feel comfort when buying something on the net. I understand there are scammer and that crap, and my site isn't professional looking, but I am an honest person ( you may view my comments from : Username - Lucidbliss).
As you write me a request for costumized hair, I will respond to tell you the usual price,the processing time (How long it will take to make) and shipping info.

If you'd like insurance add $1.00 to your price.

Promptly after that, you will recieve a second e-mail to let you know that I have gotten your payment. This is the ground breaking step and soon I will make my magic and tell you I have started.
Soon after that, hopefully within 2-3 days, I will e-mail you once more telling you it has been shipped.

The methods of payment are easy:

Money order, check (wait until cleared), paypal,and concealed cash.

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