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Latest News

As most of you already know =EOD= on Socom1 is coming to an end, But I'm glad to announce that it will be continueing on Socom2.

We need to practice alot now because Socom2 is very different from Socom1. We also need new members so keep an eye out for talent.

If there is anything you want to see on are site you know how to find Maor.GHOST (Leader)

Old News

This website will be updated once a week so vissit at least once to stay updated on clan event's and so on.

The ranks page has been updated and is still being worked on. Your rank will change as show in the ranks page. Hope you like it.


Important Info


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= Old News

= Inportant Clan Info, News, Socom2 Info

= New News From Members

You might see this in sertain spots on website now you know what it means.

This website was made in a hurry to be ready for the closeing of Socom1 and opening of Socom2 so if you come across pages that don't look or work right please tell me via e-mail. ( This will insure a good clan site. Thank You.

Last but not least if you have news you would like to add (can be anything you have to say) go to the submit news link.

Your News

This is were i'll put the news or anything you want the clan to know. Just click the [Submit News] link.


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