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Christabelle Spiritualist Church

Our Church

Welcome to our site. It is a place where all of us can keep in contact with one another. All of us belong to one family as the children of God. Let us bring our friends and family to Church each Sunday - to Christabelle Spiritualist Church. It will be the single best favor you can do for those that you care about. Your loved ones will know that prayers are being offered for them with no strings attached. Nobody goes to hell - everybody just experiences God's infinite capacity for love and forgiveness - for God is the perfect parent. Those who would have us live in fear of God apparently are not in touch with the reality of the Creator of the universe. Death is not the end, but rather a re-birth: this then is what is meant by being born again. We indeed continue to live after the re-birth in a better place in touch with those we love at all times. Thank you for visiting our Church page at Angelfire. We hope to see you Sunday. Please come back and visit again!