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Matios Emmanuel Be... - El Negro, Negrito, El Negrito Cucurumbé, Chooch, Mateo, Mati'. Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. Currently in San Diego. Junior at Castle Park High School as of 9/3/03. Class of 2005, born 9/4/87. The "Pimparoni Macadocious" of the century. Witty, sarcastic, "negro-fizzle". Bilingual en español, y si no me crees pues ahorra te lo digo. ¡Oye! ¿Que no me puedes entender? At any rate .. I like food, and music, all kinds. These are the thoughts of a young negro. Favorite Subject: English. I got a knack for words. Poet? No. Poetic? Werd. Crackhead? No. Crackish? Werd. Actually no .. I am a poet. I am more than a poet. I am a poetic poet. See what I mean? =D