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The C3 Online Store

Welcome to the C3 Online Store. It is quite small, and we apolagize for that. Inventory is limited, as is our shipping recourses, so please, bear with us. We apolagize but due to lack of proper materials to run an online store, we only accept cash or money orders. Personal Checks only excepted in certain cases. Check the store often, products will be added as we get them. Enjoy.

Select the line item(s) you want to order then enter the quantity.
Example Part # Description Qty Cost
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 4883 Papa Bear Humidor
Holds 100 Cigars
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 4433 Mama Bear Humidor
Holds 50 Cigars
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 2233 Baby Bear Humidor
Holds 20 Cigars
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 1122 Personal
Holds 2 Cigars
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 2244 Accessories Package
Deluxe Kit (Lighter Case, Cedar Dust, Cedar Sticks, and Aqua Blue Fluid in an oak box)
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 3433 Desk Accessories Item 501
Post-it Base
photo_samp.gif - 1587 Bytes 3433 Desk Accessories Item 507
Post-it Base

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Total Order: $

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