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Party Pics @ Tajene - 537 9th Ave (50th St.)

Nine73.Com CD Release Party 7.12.03

smoking inside, cheap drinks, and loud music... it doesn't get any more better than that...

Thanks to bennett for takin' the pics

Next months party date is TBA, will know within the week...

Me; droppin' some beats

Dino on the 1 & 2's

Dino again...

the crowd at like 11

the place was jammed packed by 12!!

Ron looking a little confused

Eric & Conner looking seriously bent

Mike C murdering the tables/cd decks!!

Mike C again..

Ron gettin' into his groove

Our lovely bartender... =D

hmm, i wonder where the Bennett fans are?

The Man, The Myth, The Legend... Mr. Bennett himself... lol

Mr. Bennett x2

People gettin' their groove on...

Bennett gettin' the crowd goin'

Bennett again...

People buggin' for the pic

E dribbz lookin' extra crispy...

Eric rockin' the crowd

Mike C

Bennett showin' off the EQ work

peace out!