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Friday, 19 March 2004
a lil about me
ok .. so I guess I'll drop a lil info about myself for those that don't know ...

I was born in East LA, July 6, 1978. Shit was crazy .. there was screamin and crying ... blood everywhere ... err, or so I guess .. that would be insane if I remembered my own birth ..

Anywayz ... my parents met in the marine corps ... mom is from LA & my dad is from Memphis, TN.

blah blah, elementry, junior high, high school, graduation. it all pretty much went by like that.

Every two years we'd move further and further from Los Angeles so that in 1988 we ended up in Moreno Valley (see pic below)

This has to be the slowest city I've ever been in. I hate it here.
Anywayz .... I attempted to join the Air Force when I was 17y, but they found out that I have asthma and discharged me after a month of basic training.

Thats pretty much all I feel like sharing for now .. This is making me feel like just makin my other Blog public ... ha ..


Posted by ill/amayzun1 at 7:49 PM PST
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back to this blog thing ...
i found this poem the other day .. i like it, so i'll park it here for a few ...

if I?d wish to be anything

If I could wish to be anything

I?d wish to be your tear

to be conceived by your heart,

born in your eye

live on your cheek

and die on your lips

-stephanie mcfarlane

Posted by ill/amayzun1 at 7:41 PM PST
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first entry
Ok this is going to be my 'public' blog. For the world to see .. haha .. basically its just gonna be the shit I don't mind other people seeing ... I felt my other blog was a lil too deep ... ya'll wouldn't understand.


Posted by ill/amayzun1 at 2:29 PM PST
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