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I haven't been to LA in like two weeks, and there ain't shit to take pics of around here.
I mean we have some nice sunrises (but i don't wake up until 10a) and nice sunsets (they only come in three different colors and i've got 'em all already).
So I decided to take random pics of shit in my life and make an photo "about me" page.
Have a look.
Thanks for stoppin by.

First and foremost, this is me, most likely you already know this. :-)

The hand that's gonna smack the shit out 'cha .. haha ...

This is the boring ass block I live on.

My house.

My cars ... ;-)

My boy. :-)

My mom ... haha

My sis ....

Her boy ..

Me & My Cuz @ 3am ..

One of my favorite shirts ...

My pins .. haha

My most favorite shoes !!!

The love of my life ... ;-)

My high school - Class of '95 - Oh My!

...Today's outing .. our stank ass mall

Food Court

.... now where I spend 99% of my worthless time ..
My room ..

and a pretty flower ..

Thanks for stopping by.
,br> Pe@ce