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Hints in His Songs

Alright guys! Thanks for stickin with us! This is the last thing I got for alive theories. If you have any suggestions for what to add to these pages, hit me up at

“Ain't Hard 2 Find” (Title challenges us to find him)

1."I heard rumor I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized. Pictures of me in my final stages, you know mom cried, but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted, Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing, But I'm worldwide baby, I ain't hard 2 find..."

-This is the night of the shooting. He was murdered in cold blood, the picture of him in the final stage is the autopsy picture, and his mama cried, but it’s fiction.

2."You tried to play me, now homicide is my only payment."

-Biggie tried to play him, now Biggie is dead.

3.”Breaking them off on sight, stopping lives on red-lights, watch them pause as I pull my strap out my drawers, and get to dumping on their ass, like the last outlaw."

This could be the night Biggie died. His murder was planned a day in advance and then done at a red light.

"Thug Mentality" (unreleased)

1. "I'm Alive, I'm Alive."

-Obvious. He says it in the beginning of the song.

2. "They say he had passed away, it was real shocking."

-That’s what Krazyie Bone says. Bout Pac?? Yeah.

“WestCoast” (unreleased)

1. "It's 1997 and I'm still getting paid."

-Tupac died in 1996, how can he say 97?

"Ambitionz Az A Ridah"

1."When it's time to die and be a man and pick the way you leave, fuck peace and the police"

-Tupac always talks about leaving this world on your own terms. Did he pick his way to leave?

2."Payoff the block, evade the cops, cause I know they coming for me. I've been hesitant to reappear, been away for years, now I'm back, my adversaries been reduced to tears, question my methods?"

-Right there he is talkin about being “dead” for years and then coming back later.


1. (The guy in the beginning) "Unless the lord does return in the next 7 days...." after 7 days, listen for Tupac to say,"7 years", he also starts to say, “follow me”.

-He will return in 2003.

2."I'm contemplating thoughts, wondering the thought to go, brotha getting shot coming back resurrected."

-He’s thinking about where to hide and says he will get shot, but come back.

“Fright Night”

1."I was stuck in the game, cuz everybody in the industry was fuckin' me man. Listen I got a scheme, break away, do my own thing, drop some conversation, sit back and let the phone ring."

-The person in the industry that was “fuckin Tupac” was David Kenner because of Tupac’s contract. Tupac was stuck with his contract but he got out by faking his death.

2."Niggas, they don't wanna see me rise, ninety-seven, watch me cut these muthafuckas down to size."

-Which enemy died in 97? Biggie. Tupac died before Biggie.

"Hail Mary"

1.The guy doing the reggae keeps saying “running from the penitentiary”

-This is what Tupac is doing considering it is illegal to fake your death.

“Hell 4 A Hustla”

1. "I'm makin' money, moves mandatory, end of discussion, my past records tell the story, picture niggas be rushin'..."

-He’s makin money for the way he is doing things now. His past records (songs) tell how he is doing it.

"Hold Ya Head"

1."Switched my name to Makaveli, had the rap game closed."

-After he switched his name, rap was over. 2Pac was the rapper. Makaveli is a revolutionary.

2."Running from the police till they capture me, and my aim is to spread more smiles then tears."

-He’s running from the 5-0 again because its illegal to fake death. His purpose is to make people smile when he comes back.

3."Look and see. I see him. I'm alive!"

-He’s telling us he is alive.

"God Bless the Dead"

1. “Rest in peace to my muthafuckin Biggie Smalls.”

-Biggie died after Tupac.


1. “Wonder why these niggaz crossed me, I'm certified crazy, so sick the world made me, now Biggie die.”

-Once more, Biggie died after Tupac

2. “Everytime I ride it's for reasons, hard to kill a nigga cuz, I'm comin back like Jesus.”

-You can’t kill Tupac because he will make a resurrection like Jesus.

"Life of an Outlaw"

1."Mercy to this madman screaming kamikaze in tongue."

-Kamikaze pilots were Japanese fighter pilots who flew their planes into the sides of ships, sacrificing themselves for others. Tupac wanted to get out of the rap game and move on to something bigger and better. When he says “in tongue” that means we don’t understand him.

2."I play for keeps, arrange the whole crime scene."

-This says he set up the whole place where he was “killed.”

3. "Scheme with my team, just a chosen few"

-He only let his true people, Suge and the Outlawz, know about his plan.

"Lost Souls"

1."Just wait till the Rain turn to sunshine"

-His “death” is the rain, but when he comes back there will be sunshine.

“Troublesome 96”

1."Can you picture my specific plan? To be the man in this wicked land, underhanded hits are planned."

-Can you see what he is planning to do? You got it.

2."Livin' pictures of my enemies, family times. God forgive me cause it's wrong, but I plan to die"

-He is asking for forgiveness because he is wrong to do this, but he is planning to die, which he did do.

"Made Niggaz"

1."Bad Boy, Watch Ya' Back"

-Tupac wanted to unite the east and west coast, but this wasn’t possible when there were people like Biggie and Puffy running around. If Tupac killed Biggie, Puffy would have no more respect from east coast rappers, which would make it easier to unite the coasts.

"Never Had A Friend Like Me"

1."And you wonder if these white judges like us. Just stay strong. We'll appeal nigga, you'll be free. Down wit cha to the very end."

-Suge Knight was put in jail and this sounds like his case. How would Pac know if he’s dead?

2."Me and you against the nation, whispering while we conversating, cuz niggaz died over information, How much can we take, expect us all to wait, the world ain't ready for us yet, so lets make Clinton pay.”

-In this song he is rapping about Bill Clinton the President, not Clinton Correctional Facility. He is saying that when he comes back, he will make him pay.

"All Out” (unreleased)

1."While bitches wondering who shot me, load up, keep a grudge, shootin' slugs like Mummar Khadafi"

-He knows people are going to wonder who shot him, but don't worry cause he is still alive.

2."Bustin' caps at Jay-Z, and still avoidin' capture. While yall caught up in the rapture still after me, I'm in Jamaica sippin' Daiquiri, no doubt."

-Tupac says he is avoiding be caught, and while people are thinkin about his death, he is in Jamaica, sippin on a cool drink.

"Niggaz Done Changed"

1."I've been shot and murdered, can't tell you word for word, but best believed that niggaz gonna get what they deserved."

-Murdered? This could be any of his shootings, but not if he’s murdered. I hear fake death calling.

"Staring Through My Rearview"

1."Staring at the world through my rearview, just looking back at the world, from another level, ya know what I mean."

-He is looking at the world without him and seeing how much of a damn good job he did.

2.Now you see him, now you don't, some niggaz be here for the moment, then they gone, what happen to them, well lets see, it seems to be a mystery."

-He was here for a moment, now he is gone. But its still a mystery with some whether or not he is alive.

“War Stories”

1. "My lyrics are blue prints to money making." -His rap is his plan (blue prints) to fake his death and make more money.

"White Man's World" 1."My time away just made perfection. You think I'd die?"

-By being away, his plans to unite east and west and the black race were perfected. Did you really think that Tupac would die?


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