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The Only One

My best friend, Brooke,
Has a loving Mom and Dad
I wish that was something
I really could have had

Lauren has a twin sister
And Her name's Mary-anne
They also have a brother
Who's older and is Stan

Ben has a father and stepmother
He always seems to be real lucky
I'm the only one in the group
Who hasn't gotten any family.

I'm the only one
Living all alone
Nobody's aware
I call it home.

April has a sister who's younger
And brothers older by two years
Everything they do is so loud
That April always can hear.

Tommy's mother and father
Are really, really strict
So lately he's been staying
With his older cousin Rick

Lauren and her sister Mary-Anne
They both have a regular family
I wish that was something like
Well, I guesss it would be me

Freddie has an infant sister
All of my sisters are dead
just thinking of their deaths
Always seems to hurt my head

Jack lives down the street
He lives with his Aunt Jane
Everyday on the way to school
He gets to ride on a train

My friend Lloyd is an only child
He is just like me, I'd suppose
Only he knows the secret of mine
I've trusted nobody else knows.

Stephanie lives with her dad
Her mom's living so far away
Should I tell her my secret?
Maybe I will tell her someday

Lucy's living with her aunt
Along with her uncle, too
They're not that fond of her
Or her cousin, Peggy Sue.

Billy lives in an old apartment
And he'll come over now and then
And usually who comes with him
Is our good neighbor, Uncle Ben.

Now Ben lives in a two-story house
He lives alone on South Allan Road
And his parents let him keep a pet
I won't touch it, it's a hairy toad

Now that you know everyone in the group
Why don't we start to get back to me
Remember, I'm the only one in the group
Without having any kind of a family

Its been so hard over the past couple years
Sometimes I only wish I can understand why
Mom, Dad, Annie, Lori, Donna, Jack and Matt
On that horrible day of their accident died.

I miss them so very much
But nobody seems to care
Why I only told Lloyd
He's always been there

Nobody else knows
That I'm all alone
Every now and then
I talk on the phone

Lloyd hasn't told a soul
Because of that I'm glad
If somebody found out
They'd probably be sad

I'm fifteen and alone
They died last winter
But do I miss them?
I wish they were here

I wish I had a family
Sometimes I make do
Lloyd is my best friend
He's helped me through.

Steph wants me to live with her
Because she really cares about me
She knows everything Lloyd does
About the accident in my family

My parents fought so much
My brothers, sisters and I
Never did ever like it much
It always made all of us cry.

Sometimes I get out family pictures
Just looking at them I'll always cry
I'm just not coming to understand
Why my family had to suddenly die