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Special Place

A library, I can confidently say,
Is a favorite place to go while away a day
It has books on any topic I may choose
Computers and many other resources to use.

Filled with peace, I find a chance to rest
Curling up with a good book to relieve stress
On the Internet I read other's poetry
It's a time to relax and allow me to be me.

Libraries are of special fascination
I discover myself and enjoy meditation
The wonders there are both new and old
Waiting to be discovered by the truly bold.

The greatest wonder is that it's free
Put there to help both you and me
So not learning is only our fault
If we don't go there like we're taught.

Come join me and see what you can find
There are even resources if you are blind
Who knows, we might even become new friends
Because resources at the library have no end.