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Internal Scars

During the nights, I hear the screams
I cover my ears, it's like a bad dream
My brother, Caleb, holds onto me tight
He always helps me get through the night.

My drunken father, and our abusive home
My defenseless mother, I feel so alone
It scares me when violence draws near
In my home it's normal, but him I fear.

I look at my bruises in the mirror
Praying someday I'll finally leave here
Mom kisses us goodnight, and gives a hug
Tucks us into bed, making sure we're snug.

Last night I listened to dad angerly yell
Fifteen minutes later, I heard the doorbell
"Thank you, Lord," I then silently prayed
"Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayer today."

It was the sheriff, a nieghbor turned Dad in
Caleb and I smiled, we were safe once again
In a squad car, our father was taken away
Several rescue workers came for mom that day.

In court our mother testified against him
We told the judge how our Dad had been
Grandma and Grandpa soon came for us all
I'll never forget all the violence we saw.

Now we go to visit Dad in the state prison
It's the most scary place I have ever been
Maybe he'll get over all his violent ways
And then come home to us again some day.