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I'll Never Forget

We've shared two years together
Instant messaging on the Internet
Sharing experiences, joys, concerns
Wonderful times I'll never forget.

We've held each other through heartache
Talking about days we'd like to meet
We've sent cards, and offline messages
Yet I wouldn't know you on the street.

I thank our Savior for all of my friends
And love them as if they were my family
We know each other's strengths and faults
And they still love me for just being me.

Kevin writes for a paper, Rose likes web design
Diana likes her lap top, and Ross loves to draw
Rob and April both went to high school together
And I have to say thanks, I really love it all.

God has blessed me with wonderful friends
Who I first met chatting on the Internet
We've shared many experiences, joys, concerns
And many cherished memories I won't forget.