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If There Were World Peace

If there were world peace in our world
There would no longer be any more fights
Thereíd be no more scared little children
That would be screaming into the night.

There would be plenty of forgiveness and love
We would also have faith, hope, and pleasure too
But really the only people that it would only take
Would be everyone working together til weíre through.

There wouldnít be anymore yelling or fighting
And there certainly wouldnít be anymore wars
The result would be greater than weíd hoped for
And there wouldnít ever be no needy or poor.

Itís an issue that we canít afford to ever let alone
And itís one that weíll have to force ourselves to face
Itís all about hope and forgiveness in our world today
And we have to work at it, to make our world a better place.

Itís about our loving Savior, our heavenly father, Jesus Christ the Lord
But importance of world peace, people sometimes donít understand
They think to themselves that they canít really do anything to ever help
But they have self-doubt, they can always afford to lend a helping hand.

The key to peace is honesty, love, and it will also take many friendships
But I canít afford to do this alone, itís going to take more than just me
So Iím asking you, my supportive reader, what your thoughts are on this
And Iím kind of getting a bit curious about what your decision just may be.

Working together as a team, world peace may come sooner than we plan
And working together, we can see our plan progress all the way through
But please, donít force me to travel this road on my own without support
Because I canít ever do it on my own, I need many willing people like you.

We can start it up in each of our towns, whether they may be big or small
And then over time, we can start spreading peace and love to everyone
Bringing world peace into our everyday lives doesnít have to be hard work
Working together as a team, and enjoying our work can always be very fun.

You can help me bring about world peace into our daily lives if you shall wish
And anyone is always free to come help me, if thatís what they shall choose to
But please keep in mind thatís a team effort to want to do a project like this one
And one last thing for me to say, I wonít be able to do it without help from you.