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Homeless Shelter

I just got home from a homeless shelter; I had helped out for the day
To be quite honest, while I was there I thought I was really going to cry
We take life for granted, we never realize how great we actually have it
Of course that is until we always find ourselves just barely getting by.

We see these people on the streets everyday who have almost nothing
Hitch-hiking on the side of the road, sleeping in parks, and begging for food
Yet we proceed not to even notice their existence or offer them any help
We go on pass them with our noses high in the air, being just a bit rude.

Why do we not treat them like kindness and love like our closest friends
As our precious Lord Jesus would certainly like us to always take part and do
Why do we push them aside because they are there without a known reason
Because when you go down to every last detail, they are normal people too.

It doesn't seem fair that all kinds of people have to deal with this serious problem
That we seem to turn our noses up and avoid the real issues we need to face
The less fortunate in this world of ours have it far more difficult than they should
Maybe if we're lucky we'll live in a world of freedom, love, happiness and grace.

This world of ours needs to open up their eyes and start helping others
Because other people sometimes need us to reach out a helping hand
They need someone to be there when they have no longer have options
And most of all, more than anything, they need someone to understand.