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Fighting Off Saten

The devilíll win me over, if I donít stand my guard
Itís so easy for me to fall victim to him everyday
I love Jesus Christ, but the devil is always tricky
I always just wish that Saten would just go away.

Everytime I start to get my hopes up and believe
The devilís there filling my head with self-doubt
He says Jesus isnít ever the answer for me at all
He takes away my smile, replacing it with a pout.

Thereís prayers to Jesus that Iíll always be crying
But I know thatís nothing but a scary nightmare
Jesus is always there for me, always without fail
And unlike Saten, he always truly does really care.

Thank you, sweet Jesus, for fighting all of my wars
And never leaving me, even when I kept turning away
Youíre my precious Lord Jesus, that I will always love
And there is so much that youíve given me everyday.

Give me the strength to fight off the devil, sweet Jesus
And please donít ever let me fall victim to the evil Saten
For itís you, Lord, that my heart forever truly will belong
For it was you, long ago, who died for my damning sins.