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Different Types Of Families

I had gotten home from school
My aunt was busy on the phone
Something happened at school
That made me feel so alone.

Walking into the kitchen
Sitting down on a chair
My heart was crying out
It didn't seem to be fair.

Hanging up, she said good-bye
Then she sat on a chair by me
I was crying a lot more by now
She might understand...maybe

"Laura, what's wrong, my dear?"
Giving me a hug, she asked me
I told her through all my tears
"Alax said I didn't have family."

She stared at me in the eyes
And then softly spoke to me
"Honey, you wouldn't believe
There's all kinds of families."

I looked at her and asked her
"Could that really be true?"
She then asked me so calmly
"Would I ever lie to you?"

Shaking my head, I quit crying
And for my aunt, I did smile
I've always lived with my aunt
She's loved me for a long while.

She told me to listen carefully
And she'd tell me all she knew
The different kinds of families
Telling me of all that's true

She said some come from many orphanages
Others sadly come from their broken homes
Others with aunts, uncles, grandparents
And after that, I didn't feel so alone

Then my aunt added softly,
"Families can be any size"
And at this statement,
I wasn't very surprised.

Aunt Kathern's all I have
She is my entire family
I'm fortunate to be loved
And I know she loves me

I guess Aunt Kathern's pretty cool
She's understanding and caring, too
She's really awesome at any advice
When I'm lost, I know who to go to

I'm glad I have my loving Aunt Kathern
And truthfully, she never really minds
If I need her in time of any hardship
Because she's always really very kind