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There I go again, looking up at the clouds
To see if I can notice you looking down
I've missed you so much, after you died
I'll never forget our emotional good-bye.

You were a good cocker spaniel, with lots of love
And I know you're at peace in Heaven, up above
We've had plenty of good memories that I've kept
But your death last summer I'm learning to accept.

There are times that I come home and hope you're there
I can still see your happy smile and beautiful black hair.
And then there are nights I can't ever get you off my mind
My beautiful cocker spaniel, so innocent, sweet, and kind.

When I enter Heaven through the golden gates
You and I will no longer have to paitiently wait
For we'll be united, and we'll be together again
A dog and his owner, who were best of friends.

So wait patiently Charley, for the years will soon quickly pass
When you and I are finally once again together, together at last.
And when I see you again, tears will happily run down my cheeks
Because we're together once again, once again we'll soon meet.

I loved you so much, and I will never seem to let you go
You were a great dog, Charley, that you should know
I'm slowly getting over your death, I want you to be free
So promise me, Charley, that you'll never forget me.