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America's Tragedy

There are metal dectectors in many of our American schools
Because today's kids are getting some bad ideas in their heads
Something happens to them while they are at school everyday
So they bring guns or bombs, and leave some people dead.

Columbine High School is probably the worst school shooting yet
I have to admit that it is certainly one which sticks out in my mind
The killers planted more than thirty bombs in their high school
Fifteen students were killed; many others injured in a short time.

The killers, two members of a Littleton trenchcoat mafia gang
Had a great interest in nazis, Adolf Hitler, and World War II
They chose to open fire April 21st in their high school library
Many lives were shattered when the gunmen where through.

They took fifteen of their classmates lives that Spring day
After they saw what they did, they took their own lives
But as I mentioned, many lives were shattered that day
And the scars will never heal for those who have survived

Some parents don't take the time to get to know their kids
They don't understand them, and don't know their friends
But if every kid that was picked on brought a gun to school
America would unfortynately soon come to a tragic end.

There are many ways we can stop this violent shooting streak
But we must be willing to take the effort of meeting kids halfway
Seeing themselves as victims or cruelty to animals and children
Are just some of the signs we'll have to start to recognize today.

This is just one of many issues America lacks to pay attention
But this is something we have to at least try starting to change
We have a big issue to face here, we can't afford to ever hide it
Or if we do, all of America's students will be in shooting range.