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Below is a list of my erotic stories.

The Bike Ride

This is an intense ride. I hope you like it! *NEW


In this story the man picks his wife up from work and takes her for a picnic lunch.

A Bus Ride

This story is a short story about a frustrated woman meeting a total stranger on a bus ride.

A Clean Shave

This story is a short story about a shaving episode between a man and his wife. New style, I would love to hear your comments.

A dinner story

This story is a slow erotic short story about using a female form as a dinner plate. Lots of oral sex is included. Definatly a hot one

The dream

With this short story I truely test the bounds of teasing. Some areas covered are; light bondage, blindfolds, feathers, oral sex, and much MUCH more. This is my favorite give it a try.

Peach eating

With this fun little story I take a simple action, eating a peach, and I make it as erotic as possible. I have had LOTS of peaches sent to me after this story. Care to give it a lick?

The massage

Lastly, comes the story that started it all. This is a LONG sensual massage. Very descriptive. VERY HOT!

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