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Teaching meditation

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Pranayama is often described as breath control and is taught in many Yoga class's. It is actually the regulation of the life force or Prana. The significance of the breath in yoga or life is revealed as you learn more about the nature of the self as the spirit or soul. The breath is a important part of existence as we cannot survive for long without it. More vital to our energy than food or water the breath is our connection to the spiritual world as well as the rest of humanity. Yoga focuses heavily on the breath coordinating breathing with movement into the various posture. Also Yoga provides exercises to learn proper breathing and uses the breath for specific purposes such as energy building and Cleansing. The Buddhists meditate on the breath. The point being that the spiritual and physical worlds coexist. Gods/goddesses/guardians are only a breath away. The reason we donít see this is the fact that we are used to seeing with our eyes and our eyes only see what light reflects off. Meditate on the breath and find the truth about what it contains. So Our father who art in heaven is not quite as farfetched as it may sound. Of course Christian upbringing taught me to look to the sky for answers when the breath and God were already all around me and also within me. In my lungs and coursing through my veins. God or my guardians were always with me.

The Bellows Breath

The Bellows breath it is designed to stimulate the Lower chakras and build energy. It will also stimulate the glands the send out sexual energy. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position with you back straight. Not rigid as comfort and relaxation is important. Take a few deep breaths filling the lungs (through the nostrils) from bottom to top like a glass of water expanding the tummy and then filling the top of the lungs. Let out again through the nostrils doing the exact opposite top to bottom forcing the last of the air out with you tummy pressing in. After 2-3 deep breaths after releasing start to thrust inward with you tummy blowing little wisps of air through you nostrils. You will naturally take in small amounts of air while doing this. Be sure not to go to fast. after thrusting 15-20 times let your breath return to normal for a few minutes and then take a deep breath, let out and start again.

Alternate breathing
This exercise will restore balance between the left and right sides of the brain and help balance the chemicals out that keep us in balance. With your right hand Place your hand with your thumb and ring finger extended directly below you nose so that you may alternately use your thumb to close one nostril and you ring finger to close the other without having to move you hand take a deep breath and close your right nostril with your thumb. Let the air out through the left nostril. Take a complete breath through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril and let the breath out through the right nostril. Take a breath in through he right nostril. Close the right nostril and repeat the process three times or more. The breath should be counted so its even breathing in then breathing out. Beginners should use 10:15 ratio ten counts in and 15-20 out. The breath out should always be longer than the breath in. In this manner you are cleaning more toxins out than you are taking in.