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June 7, 2005 - As I was working hard on the Pod Race park, I decided I was sick of looking at the *RESTRICTED AREA* park. I finished it as much as I wanted and have now posted it for download. I left some areas "untouched" because I wanted it to seem like it is in a desolate desert. The park can be downloaded here! Enjoy, have fun with it, and I hope to have more on the Pod Race soon. Adios!

June 2, 2005 - The Sonic park is on hold for a little as I got caught up in the excitement of Star Wars a few weeks ago. My new park is based off the Boonta Eve Classic pod race in Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace. So far I do not have any rides, and am not sure if I will. It may just be a scenery park. I have a few screens up of what is completed so far here! More to come soon!

April 20, 2005 - Well, I have finally finished the Sonic the Hedgehog Scenery Pack! It is up for download here! There are 30 objects total. This is a definite download! Have fun with it. I know I'm going to as I start my park with it. Later! March 29, 2005 - I have once again updated the Sonic the Hedgehog scenery with a new screen that shows the new loop (which took forever - I'm talking over 4 hours for one object) and the Sonic boxes. There are 3 different shields, an invincibility box, an extra life, a speed box, and a ring box. Check them out here!

March 25, 2005 - I have updated the Sonic the Hedgehog scenery with a new screen. It shows the new objects I have created. They include a floating ground tile, a totem pole, a ramp, an animated spike pit, a horizontal spring, and a diagonal spring. Check it out here and don't forget to keep visiting for more updates!

March 18, 2005 - Thanks to everyone who downloaded "Chicago Screamer." I appreciate everyone's comments and welcome more. Now for the introduction to my next project. It is a combined project where I am designing a park and the scenery to go in it. The theme is Sonic the Hedgehog. I've had the idea for this park for almost a year, but have never acted on it since my design skills were not that great a year ago. Now, I am modelling and drawing everything I can think of to create an acurate Sonic park. I have a screenshot of my progress so far on my RCT2 Scenery page! Hopefully I'll have more soon since I'm doing almost 2 pieces of scenery each day. Later!

March 10, 2005 - Well, this is my first update of 2005, but with good cause. I set a new landmark for myself today. I am releasing my first park download today. It is called "Chicago Screamer". I recreated the Windy City around a great wooden coaster. I think the park looks great and hope everyone else does too. The download can be found here! Just follow the links and check out the screenshots while you're there. Hopefully I can finish *RESTRICTED AREA* soon. Later!

October 10, 2004 - Over the past few weeks I have been updating the parks page with screenshots from RESTRICTED AREA. The park is full of themed rides now, and I hope to have the park done soon. The screens are here!

August 7, 2004 - The Troika has not been worked on in a while, but it will. Instead, I have been working on a new park called "RESTRICTED AREA". It is themed to an Area 51 type place. You can view 9 screenshots of the park here! Also, I have added some old custom ride signs I made a long time ago. You can find them on the scenery page here. Enjoy these great updates!

July 8, 2004 - The model for the Triple Play (Troika) is finished and I will now move on to the animation. That could be kinda tricky, but I'm going to try my hardest. I have posted a picture of the finished model on the RCT2 Rides page here. Enjoy!

July 3, 2004 - I have started a new ride based off the Triple Play at SFGAm. I have the cars modeled, but the rest will be quite difficult. The peeps will be my biggest challenge, but I have ambition and the drive to finish this as soon as I can! Click here to see the pictures and progress.

June 26, 2004 - My Teacups are done! I hope everyone appreciates my hard work. I think they look great, and hope you do too. The ride is up for download here. Have fun with the teacups!

June 2, 2004 I have finished the actual ride part of the teacups and am going to work on peeps next. It's looking really cool so far and I'm happy with it. Check it out here. I hope to have it done soon and up for download! Til then...Adios!

March 19, 2004 Well, I'm back at it. I'm trying my hand at a ride for RCT2. It is the classic teacups ride seen at most amusement parks. Hopefully it will get done. Check out a video of it here. Also, if you have been living under a rock and have not heard about the new RCT3D, swing on over to and check out some screens and a new video. It looks pretty cool. Also, while you're there, say hi to me as scbb11Sketch. Hopefully more on the ride soon. Peace out!

October 13, 2003 Wow. Over a year without an update but people are still coming to my site. Also over a year without a file sent to me. Since I'm on the forums (scbb11Sketch) every day, I am starting to check here more often too. Send me your RCT2 files. Tracks, parks, scenarios, scenery, whatever. (Make sure to put RCT2 somewhere in the mail header) Everything helps. I'm going to post some of my custom scenery soon as well as my tracks which are all pretty cool. Hope to see some more people here and in the guestbook since I don't have a forum. Check ya later! P.S. I can't change the font on the poll so stop bugging me about it.

Hey, today is August 11, 2002. We have some updates on the fan page with coasters from FnlPrayr4HumRace and a go kart track from Aseelud. I'm glad to see that people are finally sending in their coasters. Everyone, tell your friends about the site and have them send me their tracks too! Also, sign the guestbook. It helps me know how to improve the site for your enjoyment. On another note, I have started a contest on the competitions page. You get to show me your artistic talent by making a new logo for the site! Send in all your entries. I haven't thought of a prize yet, but send in those ideas too! Later!

Long time no see! Today is August 3, 2002. I know it's been almost a year since the last update, but the game sorta lost its touch with me. With the announcement of a Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, though, I have somehow become rekindled with the series. I am pleased to display FnlPrayr4HumRace's coasters on the fan page. I would love to update this site more, but I need something to update with. Email me your coasters so I can continue updating. I also added a building scenario to the scenarios page. Well, that's all for now!

Hey everyone! Today is September 8, 2001. I am really sorry that I haven't updated the site, but I haven't had access to the Internet or my own computer for over a month now. I got a virus, and am having it checked out. For now, keep signing the guestbook and voting for the site, but please do not send anymore tracks. I'm not saying that I did, but I suspect the virus was from one of the coasters. I will have a computer again soon, and will update as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting!

Today is August 6, 2001. I have new updates! I added a coaster on the fan page built by Dakota Cumbow and I added two of my own coasters including "Venomous", an awesome wooden coaster which surprises the riders with sudden drops. Download them today!

I have updated the site on August 5, 2001 by adding 9 new coasters to the tracks page. They all have high excitement ratings, including a Go Kart track with an excitement rating of 20! Download them now. they are all great. I have also added 2 new coasters on the fan page sent to me through email. They are great! If you want your tracks on the site, just email them to me and I will post them. More updates coming soon!

Today is August 1, 2001. Sorry I have not updated the site as much as I would like to, but look for updates in the upcoming week.

I have once again updated the site on July 2, 2001 by adding 13 new coasters on the tracks page. They all are high excitment coasters with new elements, so download them for your enjoyment. Enter the competition as soon as possible for me to judge the coasters. New coasters are coming soon! Keep checking for updates!

I have updated the site on June 11, 2001 by adding 15 new coasters on the tracks page. Check them out and download them. They all are very exciting.

My competiton is off to a good start. I have received several entries, and they are all great. Send your tracks in as soon as you can so I can judge them and announce a winner!

Sign my Guestbook to let me know what you think about my site. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Also, e-mail me your coasters and parks. The address is on my track page. Vote on my poll below and let me know what your favorite kind of coaster is. There will be more to come later! Thanks for visiting my Rollercoaster Tycoon site, and vote for me in the Top 37, 50 and 25 Rollercoaster Tycoon sites!

Shoutouts to Steve, Joe, Adam, Kurt, Chris C., Chris H., Jen, Alison, Phil, Mark, John, Matt, Rob, Julie, Chris T.,Anton, Chris W., and Dan! You guys rock!

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