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Tiskilwa High School Alumni Page

Tiskilwa High School in 1956

Tiskilwa High School in 1980

Welcome to the Tiskilwa High School Alumni Page. I am a graduate from the year 1984 and decided to create a alumni site exclusively for Tiskilwa High School. I am hoping that all the alumni from Tiskilwa High School will visit, enjoy, and help me with their input on making this something we all will be able to use and see where our friends from school are, and what they have done with their lives since last we knew.

Special thanks to 1963 alumni Jerry Murphy, 1656 alumni Ward Bivens, 1954 alumni Mary Ann Bradshaw, 1956 alumni Dee Ann Nelson, 1988 alumni Debbie Kirk and 1992 alumni Janel Wheeler for lending a helping hand on getting graduate and faculty pictures, and the pictures of the school for this site.

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