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4/14 The setlist from our show at Nevin's is now up. Hubris in now available. Go to to get your copy.

It's official! We've been compared to Hanson. Oh no! Read It Here!


2/7 We have titled the upcoming album, Hubris.

11/29 The Nasty enjoys desert.

10/17 The Nasty original, God's America, is a reference to the HBO original series, Mr. Show.

7/21 The Nasty recorded 10 tracks last week at Camp Wilke. As of yet, no plans are being made to officially release this recording.

7/5 Pat's current keyboard setup consists of a Roland XP-80, a Roland Juno-60, and a Korg CX-3.

6/10 The Nasty's victory at the Stevenson battle marks Pat's third consecutive victory. Twice with The Nasty and once with...a nice band.

5/23 A few authorities at SHS seem to think our band name implies, "sex." They told us to change our name. No way. They complied. Makes you wonder what's on their minds.

5/11 Matt plays a Gibson SG, and plays a Fender Stratocaster as a back-up.

5/2 The Nasty original, "Granddaddy Groove," is now known as "All Night With Fullerton."

4/25 Despite popular belief, Sory Bones is NOT about a real-life person.

4/17 5 out of the Nasty's 6 nipples are un-pierced.

4/5 Though the majority of "Doin' Things We Shouldn't Do" was recorded in June 2000, the guitar solos for "Kathy II" and "This World" were actually recorded two months later in August!

3/18 The Nasty has performed two different dance routines for two different shows; both in the middle of "Sing It On The D." These legendary performances took place on 3/4/00 and 6/2/00.

2/27 The original title of "The Monroe Transfer" was "Latin Love."

2/20 "I'm a Man" is a Sean Wilke original written for The 50% Stallion. This classic appears on their album, "Todd Loves Alan, Alan Loves Todd," released January of 2000.

2/11 14 months without a line-up change!!!

1/28 The Nasty won three "Battle of the Bands" competitions in 2000.

1/16 "Doin' Things We Shouldn't Do" was originally titled, "Drunk on Love."

1/10 The album version of "The Story" originally had a different introduction. The reason for the change was due to faulty ADAT tapes.

1/1 The Nasty's first performance was held at a private party in mid-May, 1999. Pat did not perform at this gig. A few songs performed included the opener of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy," "Happy," Pearl Jam's "Better Man," and a rock & roll medley to close the show.

12/20 The Nasty was formed in April of 1999.

12/11 Michael Bolton is a terrible person.

12/4 The Nasty's debut album, "Doin Things We Shouldn't Do" took six days to record and mix.

Here you can find the most up-to-date setlists and songlist, as well as other fun facts of The Nasty. Someone had to do it. Comments, questions, and/or suggestions, email me at Enjoy!

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