- her dark head dips gently, wrigglign back from His feet, she pauses, leaning forward to brush the lightest of kisses to His boots before she rises again, small hands press into the hard packed earth as her tush rises high into the air, rolling up to her full 5'7, small hands raise to dip into her thick mane, lifting the inky darkness from her tan shoulders.. whipping her hands from her hai, the tresses fly about her head and she giggles delighted before she backs 3 steps... whirlilng on the ball of her foot, she moves thru the dark camp, silent foot falls carrying her to the cooking wagon... curvy hips sway gently left to right, the delicate play of muscle visible under the velvety, sun kissed flesh....pausing, she speak for a moment with the muscians.. with a smile she nods and continues, tender fingers drag gently over the drummers shoulder as she moves on-

-her small hand rests on the banister of the stairs and she hears the first drum beats, using the beats her steps carry her up and into the wagon... bare form quivers gently as she pauses at the door, dropping the flap... moving deeper, she increases the torches, then steps back over to the basin... small hand closes around the vase containing the fresh water, and she raises it, tipping it over her hand, the movement visible thru the thin skin... pulling the vase back and up, she lets the stream of water fall over her chest, the impact of the water on her skin making it splash...pausing, she holds a breath, her face tipped down, a lone drop of water quivers on the tip of a hardened nipple.. tossing her head back giggling softly, she raises the vase higher letting the water spill over her head, letting the cool water spill over her face and hair... placing the vase back on the table, she tosses her long tresses round in a full circle, then tosses it over her back...-

-spinning on her toes, her back to the wall she bends at her waist, long slender arms extended over her head to the floor, and she she straightens again to standing, her arms sweep widely, small hands resting upon shaply hips, swaying from left to right in a teasing little wriggle before she kicks up her left foot in delight, twirling again as she makes her way to the shelves...pausing before it, small hands flutter round each vessel seeking one good enough for Him, finding the perfect one, she tips it down, her gaze tracking it as it falls, pressing ample breasts together catching the mug deftly... plucking it free, she cradles the mug in her hand, standing right before the light, she rolls her body slowly like a snake.. her arms raise above her head... turning slightly to the side, her hips roll in gentle circles, the outline of her form visible thru the skin, pretty face tipped up as her perfect breasts rise and fall and sway, the flat plain of her belly and the flare of her ass.. her movements fluid as she dances around.... slowly she raises one leg up, tapered fingers trail lightly along her calf, holding her leg open....holding the mug in her free hand, she pulls her leg higher, toes pointed forcing her small foot into a deep arch... lightly, she drags the rim of the mug slowly down her leg, pausing once it reaches the inside of her thigh, her head tips back, dark hair tumbling free behind her..a soft cry of happiness tumbles from parted lips and her leg is released as the mug is clutched to her chest and she leans forward falling to the floor in the splits...-

-her head tucked forward against her knee, she raises up slowly, pulling her extened leg behind her and slowly she raises her ass in the air, breasts pushed to the floor, she mug cradled in her hands and she slowly backs her ass all the way to her heels, sitting up, her hair slightly mussed, she presses the mug to her heart, rocking again to standing, she slender form turns moving to the counter, where deft fingers capture a clean cloth, lovingly held, she uses the cloth to clean the mug...placing the now clean mug on the counter, she extends her left hand to the wall as if reaching for Him, her body swaying in time with the beat, the other hand holding the cloth drags slowly up her arm, raising up so only the edge is touching her, the soft cloth teases along her cheek and down along her chest, dipping lower to slide over her firm belly, pulling the cloth away from her she tosses it quickly.. spinning on her foot away from the wall, both hands grip the counter and she arches her back deeply, her head tipped far back, silken tresses tickling at her heart shaped rump...slowly, she tips her head forward again, her thigh mane falling forward as she hands release the counter and slide forward to gently cup the mug again.. her dainty feet dance across the floor as she moves to the braziers.. her head turns slightly to the side as her lashes lower, her gaze follows her hand as she reaches for the ladle... raising the smooth bowl, she presses it to her chest, letting the smooth surface appear to slide between her full breast and lover her belly before dipping into the kettle poised at the apex of her thighs... pausing a visible shudder courses thru her and she raises the ladle again, filling the mug.. returning the ladel, she lifts the mug to the sky, her head tossed back as she releases another cry of joy...lowering the mug, she turns her face, pressing the warm mug to her cheek, then slowly her face turns to the mug, soft lips graze the warm surface in a tender kiss....-

-walking to the wall, she slides to her knees, toned thighs part widely, her ass pushed back into her heels, her slender arms raise up as her head dips between them, the outline of sweetly feminine curves with her arms raised and head lowered, a cry is heard as the torches are doused- LA KAJIRA!
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