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~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~with a tiny nod she picks up a clean rep cloth and drys her lil hands...lowering her eyes and thinking she bytes her lip softly hoping to please Him...turning to the tall shelves she shivers a lil as seh soft golden silks tickle her long tan thighs....pushing an auburn curl out of her eye she looks back at Master adn smiles then turns her violet eyes to a blood red goblet setting on the tip top shelf....BoUnCE BoUnCe BoUnCiNg over to the shelves she giggles to herself feeling her silks bOuNcE over her zjad flashing Master with tempting lil peeks of ehr firm tan slave meat~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~stepping up on her lil toes she s t r e t c h e s as far as she can the muscles in her legs and thighs straining out as seh does....leanign her head back her soft hair caresses the underside of her lower cheeks making her lil body shiver as her nipples harden aginst the soft silks making her moan softly..~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~feeling Masters dark eyes on her,she turns slightly and catches His eye...with a wikkid lil smile she wriggles ehr exposed zjad at MAster her soft pink petals just the slightest bit exposed to His watchful eye..turning back to the shelves she wriggles her lil fingers aginst the goblet and finally closes her fingers around the stem and pulls it down cradling it between her full breasts just lightly letting the smooth crystal touch her rock hard nipples before pressing the goblet to her belly and praying softly for MAsters eternal love and health...~ (17:48:34 ) ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~calls out softly to Master~does Master wish His pega warmed as well? ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~smiles softly~yes You wish it in the bota or another goblet as well?~slips off the the coolery as she asks the question pulling the coolery door open as she moves the cold air blasting her small body...caressing her already hard nipples forchign them to thighten even more as they stand proudly aginst her silks.....tossing her hair she shivers softly feeling the cold air caress her moist neither petals as she stands there the cold not lowering the heat burning in her belly at all...stepping forward her violet eyes scan for the botas with the sul pega~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~feeling the need burning deep inside her to please her Master she lightly places the back of her small hand on each bota testing for the coolest one...finally she finds one and smiles pulling it up by its rope and slinging it over her back...fighting the urge to bounce she looks over at Master as she slips outta the coolery and closes the door with a lil sassy bump of her hip...tossing her head and looking at MAster through low lashes she lets her violet eyes scan the shelves for a small glass........her small hands absently rubbing her tan thighs exposing her shaved heat save the lil strip He likes~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~after a moments des spots a small glass that matches the goblet still in her hand....walking slowly she swings her hips to tept Master just a lil bit as she walks to the shelves and s t r e t c h e s yet again on her tip toes exposing the smooth roundness of her lower cheeks to Masters critical eye again as her lil fingers close around the blood red glass.....pulling the glass down she presses it to her heart and closes her eyes a moment..wneh she opens them again she heads back out to Master fro a moment~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~placing the bota on the stoop next to Master des continues to stand bebore Him her violet eyes glazed with desire for Him her lil body tremboling from being to close to Him...tossing her hair she smiles at MAster then tugs her silks softly careful not to rip the delecate fabric then whimpers softly as she silk slides s l o w l y over her heated body...beginning as it slips off her breasts getting caught for a moment making des have to wriggle sexily her breasts swaying slightly causing the silk to slide over her flat belly over the roundness of her zjad to a silent whisper to the ground..~ (18:05:19 ) ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~studying Masters face a moment des raises one lil foot and places it between Masters open legs her lil foot resting gently aginst her leathers....straining forward a lil she takes the lil glass first and places it to the delecate flesh on the inside of her thigh...closing her eyes a moment she makes three complete circles preying this goblet is safe for Masters oh so sexy lips..~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~purring softly watching the Master who has her heart for ever she whimpers as she feel slave honey run down her thigh..shaking her head she places the lil glass next to Master then takes the goblet and locks her eyes on Master...then with her free hand she carefully and gently spreads her petals wide exposing her small swollen pink bud throbbing with life....laying her head back she presses the rim of Masters goblet to the sensitive lil bud..her whole lil body trembls with biuilt up need and desire as her lil thighs show more moisture...quivering she runs the rim over her bud making sure it does not catch..when it doesn't she whimpers adn almost sobs with desire as she pulls the goblet away...her eyes half open as she slowly lowers her foot to the ground and places the goblet down befpor eMaster and heads to the warming rack her naked zjad bouncing with the sway of her hips the moisture between her tan thighs evident as the sun glints of of it~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~looking for the warm bota marked UBARS BRANDY...smiling her violet eyes find it and she quickly heads back over to MAster BoUnCe BoUnCe BoUnCeInG back to Master Ubar and melting to her knees before You...spreading her thighs W I D E for Masters pleasure ......placing the bota of brandy between her thighs she first takes the big goblet and shines it with a long lock of auburn hair.....with a smile she takes the goblet and catches Masters eye....taking her free hand she takes two fingers and gently rubs it over her rock hard bud making her lil body jump....showing it is wound like a spring..then she slowly slips her two fingers inside her tight lil hold her small fingers comming back covered with slavehoney....pressing her wet fingers to the goblet she slowly runs her fingers over the rim coating it..then sets the goblet back down and offers her fingers to Master~ (18:20:26 ) [PIC] ~^~SIN~^~ ^ THA BꮧErk^ ^Ubar of ^ ^PCC^ h {*} TrR says to ~desire~{PCC}~Y: *lloking at the girl.. my tongue snaking out to grasp her fingers with in,..sucking them clean.. leaning in whispering to you..* I wnt more,.. *palcing the goblet bach under your bud*,..INFERNO!... watching the reuslts.... ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~feeling Masters lips on her fingers,she moans softly then hears MAsters whispered words she cries out and almost drips the goblet her small body trembls violetly as Masters word echoes through her headdropping her zjad between her feet her head whips back as she cries out the long needed release tearing through her small body...slave juice gushing from her small body as she cries~MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMASSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTER!!!!!!!!!!! ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~her small body trembs slightly as she relaxes,lil tremors rack her body now and then as she looks at Master tears in her violet eyes...taken the almost dropped goblet in her hand she presses it to her soaked fadu pressing it aginst her lil she touches it she jumps the sensitive lil bud still twitching from Masters command as seh slowly runs the rim through her petals coating the rim.....holding the goblet up to Masters eyes she giggles as she shows the slave honey running down the side...blushing hard she remembers Masters sweetest and hardest passions and love and presses the goblet to her heart before setting it on the stoop and picking up the small glass~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~picking up the bota filled with sul pega des smiles and raises the bota to her lips...running her small pink tongue over the cork des locks her eyes with Masters adn gently sucks the tip of it into her mouth running her tongue around it remembering how sweet her Master tastes..then pulling the top out her mouth with regret it is not Master the catches the cork between perfect white teeth and pulls back...taking the cork out with a loud ~P~O~P~ giggling softly she looks at MAster with the eyes of an innocent child then lifts the bota to her nose and takes a sniff..turning her head she sneezes from the strong scent......wiht a lil nod she leans her body back on her heels til she is almost in o gorean bow and closes her eyes...tilting the bota to her body she smiles and then gasps softly as the first drops of the liquer course down her heated body~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~feeling the chilled liquer slip down her chest between her breasts adn over her rock hard nipples she moans.......flexing a lil she smiles as it slides over her flat belly and slips lower between her petals,mixing with her honey as it slowly pours in the glass...~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~cries out softly feeling Masters touch wishing He knew how long she wanted His sweet touch...her whole body quivers as she closes her eyes and shivers trying to continue His sexy face clouding her mind...carefully des fills the glass til it is half an inch from the lip then sets the pega to the side...tossing her head and purring softly the drops of pega stuck to her nipples making them glow in the sun lightmaking a girl giggle as she gently sqyeezes then making her moan softly...raising her eyes to Master she sets the lil glass to the stoop and picks up the double coated goblet...placing it between her knees she picks up the warm bota of brandy and raises it to her lips~ ~desire~{PCC}~Y says to ~^~SIN~^~^ THA BꮧErk: ~slipping the cork between her lips she pulls it out with not so quite a big pop and smiles tilting the bota directly over the goblet she pours the brandy in the goblet til it is half an inch from the lip and sets the bota to the side.....raising her eyes to YOurs she picks up the small glass and takes a tiny sip..then holding the first sip she takes a sip of the second and swallows quickly gagging and wrinkling her lil nose at the strength....closing her eyes she counts out 5 beats of her slave heart.....1,2,3,4,5...smiling softly to herself she opens her violet eyes and sways a lil..her eyes a lil unfocused..taking a deep breath she smiles knowing Master Ubar is safe.....kissing the rim of first one then the other with the white hot kiss of desire she thrns both the kisses to Master then offers them over her head~Master des hopes You enjoy Your much as she truely enjoyed serving You 1