~as the torch lights were dimmed, she stepped forward into the lowly lit pit, small feet bare, as she stepped into the sands, small ankles exposed, leading up the the loosely bunched chalwar pants that encased long, muscled legs, flesh completely seen thru the baggy fabric, sitting low on gently flaring hips, flat, tanned belly, exposed to show the glittering jewel fixed in her belly button, tender flesh quivered slightly as she moved to the center of the pit...slender arms raise above her head,pressing the backs of small hands together, again tanned flesh clad in loosely fitted silk, bunched at the wrists, full breasts incased in a tightly fitted vest over the silk, tops of the smooth skin visible over the leather, turning on her toes slowly,raven tresses curl sweetly over the tender bump of her ass, dark eyes dancing over the veil that hides the lower portion of her face...pausing, she waits~

~suddenly, a heavy drum beat sounds, echoing thru the camp...again..the beat sounds... every few seconds the beat sounds....holding her position she can hear the heavy foot falls of the Master as he approaches...trembling slightly, a slow sensual melody starts and the Master has entered the pit, a long black whip in His hand...she hears as the whip is uncoiled and hits the sand, holding her breath she then cries out as the whip cracks... slim hips slowly begin to roll to the melody, as she turns herself smothly on her toes, using the roll of her hips to turn her around....onyx gaze sparkles as she scans over him, small hands rotate above her head slowly lowering to flutter about her shoulders, breasts and slim waist...as the beat picks up, her hips rock left to right as she steps back~

~the crack of the whip sounds again and she drops down in to a spread eagle crouch, bouncing lightly, as she sways her upper body, the beat slows and again the whip cracks, belly tight, and rolling with growing desire as she slides forward to her knees, small hands glide up the smooth fabric overing her legs, over her taunt belly, open palms slide along her breasts, one hand cups her neck above her collar as she other slides along the side of her neck to disappeat into the inky mass of her curls....rounded ass grinds against her heels and her whole form upright still writhes, back arched thighs wide, she slowly lowers her body backward until her shoulders rest in the sands, a pool of dark pillows her head as her eyes fix on the dark sky, the sound of the whip echoes i n her ears as it sounds again...moaning softly she lays still...the crack sounds again and her body jerks as the kiss of the whip falls over tender flesh,,,desire as hot as a poker slams thru her and she jerks her form upwards~

~tender fingers curl with want, and she cant be any more,,, reaching up she snatches at the vest confining her breasts, suddenly unable to breathe, clawing, her body rocks up and down on her knees as her hips rotate in tightly controled circles, and again the whip licks at tender flesh...head falling back, fingers halt as the ruined leather and silk fall into the pit, flipping onto her belly she stretches ehr arms above her head, palms face down in the sands and slowly she slides her body back as she raises her ass into the air, knees slightly apart, covered deliciously by the silk, rolling slowly as she keep her breasts in the sands...the whips cracks touching the tender flesh of her ass and she cries out, small form bucks as she rises up and again flips on to her back, pressing her feet into the sand she raises her ass off the ground, knees apart she digs her hands into the soft sands, soft lips parted hungrily as the pain of the whip dances over her nerves, stroking the fire that had all but died in her belly~

~as the music starts to fade her hips lower to the sands, the Master walks over to the slowly squirming form in the sands, he slowly runs the leather of the whip over her form, she cries out, head whipping from left to right, body bucking, aching begging, once the music stops she turns onto her belly and crawls onto her belly to his boot, soft fingers loosely grasps his ankle as she presses her lips to the smooth leather, still squirming on the ground she throws her head back, dark eyes begging over the veil as she cries out her need~ LA KAJIRA!!!

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