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The Sandoval Fire Protection District is led by Chief Chad Parson, who has served the department for 13 years. Our department has 2 EMT's on staff, 19 volunteer professionals, 2 auxillary members, and 3 cadets for a total of 26 personnel. The department is headed by trustees President Jeff Adams, Secretary Jeff Day and Butch Just. Anyone who is 18 years of age, a resident of the Sandoval Fire Protection District, and would like more information about becoming a member of the department, please contact the station during normal business hours.


Chad Parson ----- Chief/FFII/EMT/InstructorI/HazMat Ops/Pres.
Shaun Lance ----- Asst. Chief
Doug Towler ----- 1st Capt./Vice Pres.
Mike Wooden ----- 2nd Capt.
Scott Towler ----- 3rd Capt./EMT
Gary Speagle ----- 1st Lieut./EMT/Treasurer
Matt Horn ----- 2nd Lieut./EMT
----- 3rd Lieut./EMT


Ben Beckmann ----- Firefighter/EMT
Shea Hodge ----- Firefighter/EMT/Assoc. Trustee
Brandon McClelland ----- EMT/Firefighter
Charlie Wilkins ----- Firefighter
Trey Gambill ----- EMT/Firefighter
Jerome Wilkins ----- EMT/Firefighter
Jordan Parson ----- EMT/Firefighter/Secretary
Chris Hopkins ----- Firefighter
Adam Conrad ----- Firefighter
Travis Michael ----- EMT/Firefighter
Codie Melton ----- Firefighter
Collin Morris ----- Firefighter
Ben Wilkins ----- Firefighter/FFII/HazMat Ops
Nick Conrad ----- Firefighter


Dan Boatright ----- Engineer
Jon Heckler ----- EMT


Luke Crawford
Dallas Holt
Jordan Johnson

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