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Equipment of the Sandoval Fire Protection District

Just in case you are curious to see what's in the station, just click on a link to see a picture and description of the firefighting and EMS equipment that we have. Enjoy!

Click on the links below for a glimpse and info.

2010 AEV Ambulance
2007 Crimson Pumper/Tanker
2005 Crimson Custom Pumper
2003 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance
2003 Chevy Custom Rescue
2001 Dodge Brush Truck
1997 Ford Miller-McCoy Ambulance
1994 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance(No longer in service)
1984 E-One Custom Pumper
1978 American-LaFrance Pumper
1968 American-LaFrance Pumper (No longer in service)
1957 Jeep Brush Truck (Parade vehicle) (Under Construction)
1969 V-Bottom Boat

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