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Those Three Words

When I tell you how I feel,

I use the phrase "I love you".

But how can three words reveal,

The depth of what I have for you?


From the very first time we met,

I knew you would be my lover

We say we weren’t looking for this yet…

It was our souls that brought us together


And since that moment in time,

Not a single second has passed,

That you weren’t in my heart and on my mind,

And I knew that this would last.


When I think of you and of our love,

Or we talk on the phone and I hear your voice,

My spirits soar as high as a dove,

And my heart and soul do rejoice.


I have never known a passion this pure,

Or a want and need this strong.

Forever with you, is my heart’s cure

And together is where we belong.


So when I tell you how I feel,

And I say those three words to you,

Just know that it is real,

And know that, "I love you"

From One Heart To Another

Page Design : Sandman

January 14, 2001

Song Artist : Creed

Song Title : Arms Wide Open