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She Came Softly In The Night

She came softly in the night, Floating
gently through my dreams.Like mists
upon the sea. A shapeless form before
my eyes. She drifted close, then
moved away and still her face remained
A fantasy implanted deep within my
sleping soul.
A gentle breeze stirred the curtains near
the open window. The moon glistened
in the dark...and she returned.. Closer now...
She came on unseen wings of silken threads.
Until at last my sleeping eyes could see the
silhouetted shadow of her face.
I heard themusic of her laughter as it
echoed through my ears.
She reached out with graceful hands to
gently touch my sleeping eyes,and as
if by magic. I could see though still asleep
I felt the softness of her lips as they caressed
my waiting cheek. Her warm breath upon
my neck sent burning fires through my soul.
Her hair feel down across her face as
she leaned slowly'cross my chest. And every
hair that touched my skin left fire in its place.
Her tender touch felt cool as ice,and light as
falling snow. Lightening Flashed across the skies,
And the wind began to blow
I heard the whispered words she spoke,
I smelled her sweet perfume,and looked intothey firey eyes that
seemed to light the room.
Again I felt her gentle touch against my
sleeping face I seemed to melt and float away to some
enchanted place. I followed her through smoke and haze,
Through emptiness and gloom. We flew upon the
stormy winds,we flashed across the moon.
Through the darkned skies we danced
I could not see the face that held her laughing lips.
My hands reached out to touch her, But she vanished
from sight,Leaving  nothing but the memory of when
She Came Softly In The Night...

Page Design : Sand

Febuary 20, 2000

Song Title : Rain

Song Artist : Madonna