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Memories come sharply, strongly

Mingling with myth and lore,
You bow and sigh then call me, vowing,
“We are one forevermore.”

Roses gathered, gently, softly,
A shocking red against my grave.
You place them there, then whisper, sighing,
“We are one forevermore.”



Tear drops falling, quickly, briskly,
Forming streams of icy gray.
You say you love me, and I think, yearning,
We are one forevermore.

Gray mist rising, thickly, darkly,
Dancing around the man in black.
I circle you, and you hear me, crying,
“We are one forevermore.”



My form appearing, swiftly, vividly,
Pleasing you with my gown of white.
I stand beside you, and you smile, saying,
“We are one forevermore.”

Hand extended, lovingly, adoringly
Shuddering with expectant bliss,
You touch me, and we tremble,
“We are one forevermore.”

In your arms, gladly, hotly,
Shocking emotion sears my soul.
We dance as specters watch us,
They are one forevermore.

Daylight rising, brightly, quickly,
Fading black a call for sleep.
At my grave, I kiss you, swearing
We are one forevermore.


These are a few of my friends that have lost
there way in this world we call VP...
Will all the games an the hurt ever stop
an who will be  NEXT.........
Will  it be me or you or the person that u knew a life time
Olny time will tell the tale an how the end will come

This page was  created out or resecpt to all that have been
hurt an had games played on them. This feeling of being lost
come from deep in our souls only  Love  an Compassion can
stop the walls from being built from within....

An only love will concureover all!!!!


This Page Was Designed
An Created For  All To
Read An Reflect On There Past
An Consatrate On The Futrue At Hand.

May  Ur Soul Be Found An Saved
An Ur Dreams Of Love Come True

This Month Of

August 13th Day

Of Ninteen Hundred an Ninty Ninty