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Love Is...

The whisper of my name as it leaves your lips.
The gentle caress of your fingertips.
The beating of two hearts as our souls unite.
The taste of your lips as our bodies ignite.

This feeling of completeness when I think of you.
The beautifull things you say and do.
The way my senses react whenever you’re near.
This desperate longing to have you here.

These dreams I have of holding you close.
Are the dreams of you I cherish the most.
I need you here always to quench my desire.
For you are the fuel that feeds my fire.

One touch from you and my bodies aflame.
Butterflies dancing at the thought of your name.
Every impulse, every thought, all that I do.
My whole world revolves around you.

The name of this spell that you weave around me.
My radiant smile that the whole world can see.
The answser my Darling is as simple as this.
You captured my love with your very first kiss.

Page Design : Sandman

March 23, 2001

Song Artist : Incubus

Song Title : Drive

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