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Feel My Heart Beat

Can you feel my heart beat?
Can you taste my lips sp sweet?
Can you hear my whisper true?
Oh my Darling I Love You

Do you  want to hold me near?
Do you want me also dear?
As I cling so close to you.
Do you hunger for me too?

Are you thinking of me now?
Are you wondering if somehow?
Two that yearn so much can see?
Together is where they should be.

Can you smell the fragrance sweet?
Mu hair touching softly against yours cheek?
Do you sense my passion deep?
Can youhear my heart beat?


Tell me now.
The time is here.
Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow is here.
Destiny calls fates hand be shown.

Remembrance of this time we have known.
As you taste my lips sweet.
My fragrant hair against your cheek.
Passion hunger......Desires seep.
Can you feel my heart beat?

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March 12, 2000

Song  : Amazed