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Envision Our Love

My dearest love so far away
Think of me as I am thinking of you
If you could only envision my thoughts
They will comfort you

Envision my arms around you
As you caress me tenderly
Envision my lips touching your cheek
As they whisper in your ear so sweetly

I love you
I want you
I need you more everyday
I cannot imagine life without you
Do not ever leave me
I pray

At long last our waiting shall be ended
I will be yours completely my dear
At long last we will be together as intended
Then you whisper as you hold me near

I have loved you forever
I know we are meant to be
I want you my darling
As much as you want me

As you envision my thoughts
know they are honest and true
Holding you close in my dreams
Forever loving you.

Page Design: Sand

December 31, 1999

Song Title : I Knew I Loved You

Song Artist : Savage Garden