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The Dream Ride

The sun begins its descent into the horizon.
Radiant color of gold an fire splash across they shy.
We run down the paths of ebony as we ride the wind.
Mile upon mile fly by, you master the road.
Body an bike become one, extensions of each other.
Holding on tight an bewitched by the hearts journey.

Your behind snuggling in against me. My head nests
against my back. Your eyes are closed listing as my
body shows you the way of the road. My hand slides under
your shirt. My hand touches against your skin.
The beat of your heart speaks sweet stories.
Showing me the way of your heart.

I pull the bike off the road, slowing to follow
a path over small hills. I bring us to rest at a beach
the smell of the ocean in the distance. My hand reaches
under an finds yours. Clasping your hands in mine I help
you to your feet an off the bike. I laugh as you try to tuck
tendrils back into your braid, knowing what a useless task that is.
They will escape again shortly.

I reach into the saddle bags retrieving the items I tucked there.
Tucking wine,blanket & containers under my arm I reach for your hand
and lead you over to a place on the beach, I spread blanket out
bidding you to sit. Uncorking the wine we laugh,realizing I forgot
the glasses. I tip the bottle to my lips winking as I draw a drink.

Passing you  the bottle we talk of dreams, of plans we have an
accomplish we done. Reaching into the containers  I pull out
strawberries offering you a bite feeding you with gentle hands.
I am marveled by you again. The sun winks its goodnight. Streams
of color still streak the shy. You lay upon the blanket, head
cradles in my lap allowing me to feed you the ripe berries
as your fingers trace paths along my face. Along your brow down
your cheekbone, my thumb pulls at your bottom lip.

My eyes look into yours conveying my every emotion. My body
leans towards you, drawn to your strength longing to taste
your sweetness. Lips touch exploring each other, tongues
dance lashing against each other, rolling you over till
you lay upon me. My hands flash under my shirt seeking the clasp.
Breasts free I roll us over once again. My fingers seek your buttons
of your jeans. Quickly I skim them over your hips. Till I finally
pull myself up onto my knees. My eyes rake across your body.
Naked with the quiet dusks light shining around us. You shiver
as my eyes burns into mine. With a knowing smile I rid myself
of my clothing. As our bodies intertwine in a passionate embrace.

As we make love rhythms match bodies singing its ancient song
to the stars. I hear your breathing start to change. The little
gasps,the deep sighs. I press forward giving you every bit of my self.
I hear you start to whisper to me . Calling to me demanding u give
me all that I crave. You hear me call your name in the wind.
I Collapse in your arms, I feel your hands smooth the hair from my face.
Soft kisses are shared. Reality quietly returns with the ocean breeze
an fireflies dance Whispers of I love you are spoken soft touches
sweet kisses. I sigh in your arms. Knowing my world is perfect.



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