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Of perfect eye on lofty estate
The view of all that passes below
The range you ride but only you see
On the breath of God keeps you aloft.




And charting Rivers no one can see
Going to places only you know
Piercing call stops your enemies heart
Cries freedom to hearts with you in league
Whisper the secret request we made.




Carry the sorrow we feel to God
Your endless strength inspires us on
From times beginnings you have lead us
Sun kisses you wind carresses you
Your spirit has found no boundries
And we like you try to be boundless




Fearless your courage knows no ending
Soaring mighty heights diving to earth
No fear it is a good day to die
So we mark our courage with your sign



And as we celebrate all life here
So we celebrate you in the dance
In life's web we entwine, circle complete.




Page Design By: Sand

June 18, 2000

Song : Wind Spirit

Artist: Bill Miller