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Tsubasa Shi's Base of Operations

System start........

Initial Systems Operational...
Security systems operational...

Most systems operational.  See log file for more information.

Updates: Sunday, 10 October 2004 -- Started to revamp the entire site after almost 3 years of inactivity. Taloring it more towards my current habbits. Expect more images from my company, LanDrag Innovations, along with screen shots of my character and an acomplishments journal as I progress in the game. New sections will be added as soon as I have them available for viewing.
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Welcome to Tsubasa Shi's Headquarters. Here I'll have works that I have drawn or colored. The pics that I have colored (CG'ed) were drawn by other people and I will give them credit where due. ^_^

Just keep in mind, if you plan on using any of the artwork on this site, contact me to get permissions. I will have to ask the people who drew the pictures if it is ok. Thank you.

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