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The Power of Love


Inside of you lies the power
The power to make or brake
Your love can change someone
Your hate can kill someone

Don't make people cower,
Fear rules only those creating it
While giving you false confidence
It steals your personal influence

Don't abuse your influence,
Turning people to different points
Can gain trust, or cause more lust
If you can't help just to help,
You need to try harder

Choose to love,
Love is the greatest gift
If you learn to truly love
You will find release
In those who return that love

Don't feel down
If you loose a love,
Your life will turn around
Just don't forget that love

Love is yours to give
Love is yours to cherish
Love is yours to use

Only you can love or be loved
Only you can give and take,
Only you are worth the chance
Only you…

Never stop loving

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