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The Light


Can you see the light?
I can see it
This is no ordinary light
It's hard to perceive it

This light comes
From another source
And is reflected
In those around us

Only one man
Can hold this light
And through Him
It shines very bright

Even those who try
Cannot hide
He shines it
In the shadows

The darkest of people
Shine in His gift
Only their visage
Is hidden in a rift

If you find the light
Hold onto it
People show their true side
In their borrowed light

Those that glimpse it
See their potential
And also it's current use

Fulfill your potential
Don't let others down
In His light
Only those who fight it
Are dark at times

The strongest form
Is unconditional love
I have found that
And given it

To those close by
Any problem that occurs
Will never harm me
Or those who believe